Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ruffled Shirt Refashion

I have a huge pile of 'to-do' clothes for Andrea. Thing is, she has a lot of clothes. She received a lot as gifts for her birthday last October and then received more for Christmas. Some are still too big for her so she will probably have new clothes until she's 3. If I make something for her, she probably won't be able to wear it much after I take a picture of her wearing it.

So I decided to make one for my niece Helaena instead.

Or rather... I refashioned this for her... I didn't really 'make' it :)

For this project, I used an old shirt from Andrea's hand-me-down pile (she has 2 older cousins who gives her clothes they have outgrown... perfect for refashioning projects!) and one of my old white shirts (for the ruffles and flowers).

Helaena is a year older than Andrea so I chose a shirt that was still a little big for Andrea. I had this shirt from Tea Rose Home in mind while I was working. But apparently, my memory is not serving me too well lately, my finished product ended up a little different. I guess it happens (a lot! to me!!!).

I had Andrea model the shirt for me.
It looks like a mini-dress on her!

I was surprised to see her hair in braids! She fusses when you try to fix her hair but somehow, her nanny got her to stay put long enough to braid her hair.

After our little photoshoot... I got a call from my mom. She took Helaena to the doctor for a check-up for her cough and fever and was told that they have to admit her because she has bronchitis already and was dehydrated :( She sent me this picture of Helaena when they got to their hospital room. This was before she learned she will be hooked (i.e. jabbed with a needle... OUCH) to an IV. 

She was wearing the shirt I made for her.

Anyway, my husband and I visited her at the hospital last night and I was able to give her the 'new' shirt. I hope you get well soon pretty girl!

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