Friday, January 7, 2011

Felt flower obsession - Part 3: The "Julie" Flower

I saw this flower from Incredible Stamping while Googling for new felt flower ideas yesterday. Isn't the wool flower gorgeous? I decided to try making one last night using felt:

Lollychops also posted a tutorial for this flower here. I pretty much followed the instructions except I don't have die cutters so I created my own template following the diameters she specified.

You can copy the template and paste on Word. Re-size the image to get the size you want. For the center, I don't have a lot of buttons at hand last night so I decided to use a ceramic flower bead.

Here's a closer look.
And here's how it looks like on the back.
I have a couple more felt flowers I want to try. I really am obsessed with them lately. They look so pretty! I will be posting the other ones I tried next week.

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