Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More pin cushions

If you haven't seen my post about pin cushions yet... here it is.

Didn't I say they were easy to do? So easy I was able to whip up another one.
Same style, different color. I'm not really too happy with it.

See, I had this idea to make a "Honey Pot" pin cushion from the same empty Gerber bottle. I had something like this in mind:

the top part can be the pin cushion part
But I can't figure out the how-to's yet... and I really needed another pin cushion so... maybe next time.

Anyway, that other pin cushion that looks like a little pillow... nothing special really but instead of polyester stuffing, I used crushed candle wax. I remember when I was in gradeschool... we would always have projects like this. Pincushions stuffed with crushed candle wax because according to our Home Economics teacher, candle wax is good for needles (??? I forget why ???). I don't remember how we crushed candle wax before... it seemed pretty easy then. But when I tried to crush candles a few weeks ago for this project... it was hard! I ended up ruining a cheese grater because I used it to just grate my candles.

Ok, on to the next projects!

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