Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cabbage Patch Kids Hat

About a month ago, I saw an article on Yahoo! about crocheted Cabbage Patch Kids hats.

Photo source.
I started hunting around Ravelry and sure enough, I found a free pattern from Dearest Debi. You can check out the pattern at her blog. More than a month after, I finished mine.

Not the best photo but it was the best I have using my phone with my model twisting and turning and running off... Anyway, I think the hat looks better on babies that are less than a year old. It must be the cheeks factor. Andrea has lost her puffy baby cheeks look *sniff* *sniff*. My baby is all grown up and... and... ok, emo attack over :)

I finished some other crochet projects including a raglan-style top for me, yey!! I've worn it twice, only I haven't been able to take a photo. This new job is killing me! Not the work itself, mind you... but rather the commute to get to the office. Takes up so much time. I had to give up all my CT work *sniff* *sniff again* and I miss it. But with my new schedule, there really isn't much time to devote to creating digital scrapbook pages so it will have to go for a while. Here's me hoping I might have some time to dabble in it again in the future. 

This is also the first time in my career that my office is not located near a mall. Hmmm... maybe that's not really right, but with the traffic in this area, the mall might have been located at another town for the time it takes for me to get there and back again. But I did discover an establishment located conveniently beside my office that gave birth to my new hobby/business idea. 


The scents are inspired by the popular (and expensive!) signature scents. I am so proud to say that I now know the difference between cologne, body spray, eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Yey again! I decided to make the perfume grade kind, because I make it mostly for me and it lasts longer than eau de toilette. It's a little bit more expensive to make, but still way cheaper than buying signature scents. I sell what I don't use, and in the past 3 weeks I've been in business, I can say that this new venture is doing well. And my house (and my couch!) has never smelled so good.

Anyway, I hope I get more crafting time and posting time in the  near future. All work and no play makes me a very bored and cranky person.