Monday, February 2, 2015

Something old and something new

Wow, time does fly. I never realized my last post was so long ago.

I'm still deeply mired in this corporate set-up I entered a couple of years ago. It's still tiring and it leaves me very little time to do the things I like, but I am getting used to it. Also my baby girl is now a little girl and doesn't require me to be at her beck and call all the time, you now, to survive :)

With the very little time I find for myself, I did manage to use it wisely and have managed to complete some projects. I didn't get a chance to photograph all of them though. Lately, it has been cold in our tropical country, a welcome respite before the burning summer hits us. Cold weather always inspires me to start grand crochet projects which I never finish because summer hits before I know it and it becomes too hot to even hold any type of yarn. With the start of this year though, I started focusing on smaller projects and what do you know, I finished quite a few!

Here are 3 small bags I finished during a long weekend we had this January. When I say small, I do mean small... like the length is only around 10 inches. I didn't really follow a pattern for these and I used mostly scrap or recycled yarn.

This next one was made by request. This is what happens when I let my daughter watch me as I browse Ravelry. She saw this and pleaded and pleaded until I agreed to make her one. 

Apple Bloom from My Little Pony
Yey, my first amigurumi project! To those of you who are not in-the-know (you know... who doesn't have a little girl aged 4-8), this is Apple Bloom, a school-aged pony from the My Little Pony animated series. You can find the pattern from Knit One Awe Some right here.  

Emboldened by my success at finishing the smaller projects (hooray! hooray!!), I embarked on a bigger scale project which I hope to finish before summer gets here. 

(NOTE: I had to suppress a "haha, yeah right!" retort, an automatic response from my brain, after typing that last sentence).

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