Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends

Hello, my name is Janelle and I'm addicted to flocked toys.

They are so cute and soft, I can't help myself.

Here is another line I started collecting accidentally.

There are around 30 characters to collect, I think. Plus a few houses. I only have 21 characters so far, a couple of the accessory sets, no structures/houses. And I say I collected them accidentally because I didn't really want to collect them... only they went on sale at a local mall (averaging approximately $2.20 per character) so I bought everything they have available. 

I want to get this house:

Photo source.

And this house too:

Photo source.

The second one, when closed, looks like a cute lamp. It's battery-operated and lights up. Even on sale, both houses are still a little expensive for me though, so I'm hoping to find ones that are used but still in good condition.

Welcome to Primtown

On one of my previous posts, I mistakenly identified some characters I recently acquired as being part of Ban Dai's Maple Town line. Upon closer inspection of their packaging however, I found out that they are part of Primtown, a line of "candy" toys released by Ban Dai in 2002. 

There were 16 characters initially released and another 12 were released after that. So far, I only have 8 characters from the initial release. 

I know where I can get 3 more, but I have yet to negotiate the price with the seller. 4 of them I got boxed and when I opened the boxes (yes... I OPENED THEM), they did have candy inside... which I threw away because eeeewww! They've been in the box since 2002 o_0

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Welcome Party

Note: There wasn't enough space for all my Sylvanians to party so the next photos only feature some of them.

Welcome to our new citizens! (I have yet to name my village). We held a small party to welcome them to our little village.

Party! Party!

The daddies discussing vegetable gardens with Mayor Waddlington.

Clearwater family, reunited at last! Daddy finally came home from the UK.

Kids can't wait for the cake. 

Mr. Cuthbert Marmalade giving Mr. Aristotle Treefellow a tour of the house.

Mrs. Lauren Marmalade sharing recipes with Mrs. Beatrix Spotter

Mrs. Sorrel Cottontail chatting with Mayoress Wanda Waddlington

A view of the kitchen and Mrs. Delia Doughty preparing more treats for the guests.
Now that the mayor is here, the citizens of our village will be gathering for a town hall meeting soon to discuss matters of great importance (i.e. the name of their village) and to have their photo taken.