Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spotted: Hello Kitty Car

I saw this car at a gas station on my way to work this morning:

 Hello Kitty fan :)

I tried to do an image search on Google for 'Hello Kitty Cars' and was surprised that there are a lot. When I get around to learning how to drive (and not being so dependent on my husband to drive me when I want to go somewhere) and get my own car... I think I want an interior like this.

And when my husband sees this post, he will tell me again that this is why I should never be allowed to own a car, haha!

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Cassie Brendan said...

Wow, everything for the fandom, huh. But in all fairness, the design really worked for the car. It's quite an eye-candy just as it is cute! What if auto dealers actually sell these awesome-designed cars? One of these days, the streets would have looked like there's a parade every day!