Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I bag again

I lost all interest in... personal aesthetics... when I learned I was pregnant back in 2009. My feet swelled, so good bye shoes. For some reason, I lost interest in the bags I collected, so good bye bags. And of course, the obvious... I ballooned to x lbs so good bye clothes.

After I gave birth, nothing changed. Most of my shopping were purely dedicated to the princess of our household, who at less than a year old, hasn't even worn some of her clothes 3x. My feet, to my dismay, seem to be permanently one size bigger. The only bag I proudly carry whenever I get to go out (except for the office, of course) is Andrea's baby bag. And clothes... well, several months after Andrea came out and I still haven't lost the weight (not that I'm really doing anything about it... I'm just hoping they will magically disappear one day... hello? Dra. Bello?) which pretty much kills my interest in clothes.

But slowly, I am noticing that I am beginning to regain my interest in myself. I started noticing clothes again and started buying them again... for me this time. And on a recent trip to the mall with my mom, my heart once again fluttered at the sight of a bag:

I missed that feeling! So of course, I bought the bag and my mom sorta kinda paid for it ;) She also got a red one with a ribbon on it, which reminds me of Hello Kitty so I'm calling it her "Hello Kitty" bag. And knowing my mom, that bag will soon be mine in a few months.

On another shopping trip with my aunt, my mom also got me another bag:

It looks pretty and I like the color but it's too slouchy for me. But I got it for free so I'm not complaining :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Official Goodbye to DBJ

I started running an online business via Multiply back in 2007. Designs by Janelle was a product of a creativity surge brought on by boredom. Business was great and soon, I started selling items other than the ones I made myself. There were challenges, but the rewards were worth it. Times change though, both for me personally, and for the online community:

  • It is now legal to sell in Multiply (it wasn't when I started, haha!) which resulted to a sudden increase in the number of online sellers and soon, to the number of fraudulent transactions and hostility online. It became stressful reading through the updates every morning and seeing people screaming "bogus" post after post.

  • I also got busy with work and family. And soon, had less time to spend on running a business. So in 2008, I decided to close shop

Yesterday, after lying dormant for almost 2 years, I finally said "good bye" to http://designsbyjanelle.multiply.com.

The account is deleted now. Maybe in the future, I might start another one. But for now, I have other priorities.