Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm making a list!!

Nope... not for Christmas next year. Rather, my 'to-do' list for this year. I don't call them 'resolutions' anymore since some are not resolutions, merely stuff I want to do. I've been thinking about this yesterday and here's what I have for 2011:

1. Buy at least 3 small bags. Let's start with the easiest to achieve :) While I was packing for our trip last December, I was thinking about which handbag to bring. I decided I needed 2: a big one for the plane and longer excursions, and a small one for the mall and nights out. That's when I realized that almost all my bags are big... like really big. I've been into big bags the past couple of years and slowly, I guess I must have 'retired' my small ones. So this year, I have to start thinking small... small bags that is.

2. Get that flu vaccine!

3. Get Andrea a new car seat... and make sure she gets used to it and stays there during our road trips. Hmmm... is this cheating? Because we already bought her the car seat last Sunday (January 3... so still counts for this year *wink*). So the only thing left to do is to make sure she stays on the car seat during road trips. Maybe I should get her a portable DVD player as well? It seems to work for my friends who have car-seat-age toddlers.

4. Post at least three blogs about crafting in one month. Oooohh... steep call for someone with very little free time. But I did buy that sewing machine... and I did buy a lot of supplies (and I just received my credit card bill for last month... small purchases for ribbons, felt, buttons, rhinestones, etc do mount up, OUCH!)... so... let's do this!

5. Lose the pregnancy weight I gained in 2009... Aarrrggh!! This is the most difficult thing on my list.

6. Buy a new TV. This one has been on my mind for a few years. My husband's thinking is if something is still working... why replace it. Hence, our old TV. But I really want to decorate our living room at least and I need a nice TV for that.

7. Participate in at least one volunteer activity/support a charitable activity. Well, hello there! You made it back on my list this year!

8. Go to church at least once a month. This sounds horrible, I know... but well, my husband and I haven't been attending church regularly for quite a while now. Lots of excuses... too tired, too many things to do... etc. So I want to ease us back to our faith. Baby steps. Plus I want Andrea to grow up knowing the joys of Sunday School that I experienced as a child.

9. Save up for another investment account. We closed one of special deposit accounts and used the money to add to our budget for the new car last year. Since Andrea will start school soon (and good private schools cost a small fortune here!) we need to add to our savings.

10. Get rid of the bookshelf in our spare bedroom and all the books in it. While writing this... I already know my chances at failing are at around 90%. But I swear I will reduce the number of old books at our house this year! This year, I start my WAR AGAINST CLUTTER!!!

11. Sew at least one dress for Andrea from scratch ;) Ambitious. But I really want learn how to sew.

For the past 2 years, I've had 9 goals. I don't know what's so special with 9 but since it's 2011... I added another 2 to make it 11 goals.

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