Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sugarplum Sparkles

What could be more awesome than a collaboration between 2 of my favorite designers?




Dagi's Temptations and designs by Mandy King have teamed up to bring you a unique collab! Celebrate winter and shine up your holiday layouts with Sugarplum Sparkle. The entire collection includes a page kit, template set (12x12) and set of clusters. Each piece of the collab is available for individual purchase or you can save some money and grab the bundle! 

Exclusive at Scrappity-Doo-Dah.


This is "Andrea Vs. The Nativity". And so far, the score is 2 broken angels... I debated about getting new angels but ended up just gluing them together. Smart choice, as I keep finding those angels posing as Barbie's friends when Andrea is playing. 

Love is...

Elements from "Rose Antique" by Angel's Designs; Template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee
I used a kit from Angel's Designs for this layout:

Available here:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 months!

Time flies... my little godson is already on his 9th month!

Elements from "Cherish Your Dreams" kit by A-liya Designs
Handsome little dude ain't he?

I used A-liya's new kit Cherish Your Dreams to make this layout:

Available here:

A Day in the Life...

... of my little girls. We spent Sunday at great grandma's house and their favorite plaything there is great grandma's walker.

Elements from "A Day in the Life" kit by Dana's Footprint Digital Designs; Template by Lilacs in Bloom
I used a kit from Dana's Footprint Digital Designs for this layout:

This kit contains 8 papers, 45 elements, a full set of alpha and date tags. Perfect for scrapping everyday moments!

Available here:

Looking back...

Elements from "Self Portrait" mini kit by Pixelily Designs
5 years ago... and today... or should I say 30lbs after. Tsk tsk tsk... *sigh*

Some big life changes are coming up which prompted me to conduct this project of comparing my photos from 5 years ago to my recent photos. And well, there's also the Gingerscraps' Minikit Challenge for November 2012 to think of :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday Candles

No one turned "14" (see candles) but someone turned 4, and wanted an extra candle so...

Elements from "Happiness in Your Smile" kit by Kathy Winters, Template by Twin Mom Scraps
I made this layout for Gingerscraps' Template Challenge for November 16-30, 2012.

"Pinteresting" Hairstyles

I have been seeing hairstyles on link parties and Pinterest since last year and though I've admired them, I never really paid much attention because I know I lack the patience to execute. Now my daughter's nanny... she's another matter. There are days my daughter comes home sporting some complicated-looking hairdo courtesy of her. I still don't understand how she can keep my daughter still long enough to even do a simple braid... but I digress.

I was looking through some hairstyles in Pinterest to show her to give her ideas on how to do my daughter's hair for their Christmas party in early December when I saw this:

Now this looks like something I can do. So wriggling, struggling toddler sitting on my lap with her head turning every which way, I managed this:

I just need to practice more to make it a little neater. There are a couple more hairstyles I saw on Pinterest that look like they are within my skill level so we'll see :)

Beautiful Collab from Mariscrap and Mooscraps: Senteurs Indiennes

Available here:

You can also check out the beautiful add-ons to this kit:

Or you can get the kit and the add-ons as a bundle:

Here is a layout I made using this beautiful kit:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Tally - Part 1

So far, I have only had time to scour most of the scrapping stores I frequent. There are several other stuff I should be looking for... some types of presser foot for my Brother sewing machine, some crochet hooks... Amazon will have to wait until tomorrow though. It's 12:30AM my time, and I am tired...

But so far, here's what I have:

$1.75 (Original Price: $3.50)
$2.50 (Original Price: $4.99)
The 2 kits above are not within the price range I was looking for (i.e. $1 because I'm cheap like that, haha), but I need them for a couple of challenges I'm joining so they made it into my cart.

$1 (Original Price: $4.70)
$ 0.90 (Original Price: $6.99), got an extra 10% off on this one because of the challenges I joined at theStudio last month)

$1 (Original Price: 4.99)
$1 (Original Price: $4.50)
$1 (Original Price: $4.50)
$1 (Original Price: $4.50)

Total full price of everything I bought should have been $40.67 (WOW). Discounted total is only $10.15. Since I had a $5 gift certificate at Scrappity-Doo-Dah that I earned from the challenges I join, I actually only charged $5.15 (approx P210).

Ahhh... happy happy happy!

And now, I really am tired. It's 1AM in my part of the world and I really should sleep. Happy weekend!

NOTE: This post was written last Friday in the dead of night in my part of the world. However, I had difficulty posting and I was already dizzy and feeling so sleepy that I just closed my laptop without turning it off and fell asleep immediately and I only remembered now to check if my blog post was successfully posted and *sigh* it wasn't. So posting today, Sunday.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Totally Unsponsored Post - Part 2

Ack!! There is a part 2! My credit card is going to get a workout...

NOTE: I am not buying everything I post here... I can only wish :) I will post which ones I did get by the end of this weekend.


I rarely buy CU items because I'm not really into designing. But there are times I do give it a shot so here are a couple of GREAT deals I found at theStudio:


Saw a blog post from Sekada Designs that she's having a sale over at Digital Crea. 1 Euro for the kits below!

Sekada Designs have other promo/mini kits for only 1 Euro each here.

And Digital Crea also marked down a lot of other kits to 1 Euro for Black Friday. There are entire bundles from Paprika... 1 Euro each!


How about templates? You like templates? I found some great dollar deals for templates too:

My favorite stacked templates from Dagi's Temp-tations (and I am not saying this because I am part of her CT... I really love these stacked paper templates):

My other favorite:

Go check out Dagi's store for more $1 deals.

Template sets from Fiddle-Dee-Dee, also for $1 each:

Go check out Fiddle-Dee-Dee's store for more $1 deals too.

And again I will have to stop part 2 now because there are several items in my cart waiting for me to click "checkout".

REMINDER TO SELF: Pay credit card on Monday. I hate being in debt.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Diane Writes is giving away...

... 5 $20 vouchers to Firmoo, the global optical store.


5 winners.

Great huh?

Head on over to her blog to find out how to join.

Diane Writes: Firmoo Giveaway

Black Friday Totally Un-sponsored Post

NOTE: I am NOT receiving compensation for these promotions. This is just me sharing some GREAT deals I found today just in case, like me, you are in DIRE need of retail therapy.

All images are linked to the store where I found them.

Angel's Designs has some amazing kits marked down to $1 at Scrappity-Doo-Dah:

I almost choked when I saw the sale above... Vintage Memories is one of my absolute favorite kits!! And now you can get it for only $1.

The next kit below is not $1,  but I like the colors and all the tulip elements anyway and it's on sale too:


theStudio has this new category called *Doorbusters* and all products in this category is marked down to $1. I hit add to cart in less than a second when I saw this:

I don't think I've ever seen Feli Designs kits on sale at this low price. But then again, I've only been in on the digiscrapping scene since March. 

Feli Designs have 2 other kits I love which are on sale. They're not a dollar deal, but they're on sale!

$4.19 at Pickleberrypop
$3.59 at Pickleberrypop
$3.59 at Pickleberrypop
I still miss Coolscrapsdigital's forum and gallery so I pop in at the store every now and then. I still see some of the best deals here because they always have the $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 filter you can click to display all products within this price range only. Here are my favorites among the $1-2 product range:

Oh wait... Black Lady Designs is on sale at Coolscrapsdigital and all of her products are marked down at $1.50. When I say all I mean ALL. Even the bundles. 

Ok I have to end this post so I can get down to some serious shopping. Will be back with a Part 2 in case I find more deals.