Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking back

Last January, I reviewed my previous year's "to-do" list. So this year, let's look at what I set out to do last year to see how I did:

  1. Get Andrea walking and talking by the time she reaches 1-year old. FAIL. When I was making last year's list, by talking, I was thinking more of phrases. But I guess that was too much wishful thinking. She can talk like... like say "Daddy", "Mama", "Ate", "Dora", "Pucca", and a few others. This December, she learned how to say "Map" and "Backpack" (though she says 'ba-pa') and yes I know she watches too much "Dora the Explorer". Anyway I say 'FAIL' because she can't walk yet... not by herself at least. She's still a little wobbly and needs to hold on to someone's hand when she walks.
  2. Visit my dad at least twice this year. SUCCESS! I visited 3x :)
  3. Bring Helaena with me to Bataan at least once. Big big success! I consider this my second biggest achievement for last year (next to surviving Andrea's first year of course!).
  4. Buy a new car. Whee!!! This one's a success too!! I didn't really think we will be able to do this last year given all our expenses for Andrea but I guess God works in mysterious ways and he answered my prayers... our old car broke down. Like really broke down... stalled on my husband on his way home one night, needed to be towed back to our house in the middle of the night and cost us a lot to get fixed... AGAIN! I guess it was the last straw for my husband as well because after we got it fixed, he finally agreed to see it and get a new one.
  5. Lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. Big FAIL :( I still need to lose another 10 lbs.
  6. Get rid of around 50% of junk around the house. I THINK I succeeded. I was able to get the old VCR (totally old school right???) out of the room and I think my husband got rid of it. The old printer was supposed to be given away, I took it out of storage but I have a nagging suspicion my husband has it hidden around the house somewhere X( The hard drives are out... the old PC's are out. The old books are still there but I was able to get rid of some other old stuff so ok, I consider this one a success.
  7. Get a flu vaccine. FAIL. I never got around to it. And I got the flu for the first time since 2008. Aargggh. This is so totally going to be in my to-do list for 2011.
  8. Get the vaccine against cervical cancer. FAIL. With Andrea's vaccines, her equipment (walker, high chair, car seat stage 1, etc, etc) and buying a new car, I decided to put this off for this year or when I'm brave enough to get the shots (because I heard they hurt!). I'll think about it.
  9. Participate in at least one volunteer activity/support a charitable activity. DONE. I prefer not to elaborate on this.
5 out of 9... I'm a little sad. That's like only a little over 50%. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 mean a lot to me though, so I guess it's all good. I'm working on my list for 2011. Will be sharing it soon.


xingkit said...

HPV vaccines don't hurt, i completed them in 2009. :)

Janelle said...

Hazel, bakit sabi ng officemate ko and ng mommy ko, the first one hurt a lot daw? Did it? They got their vaccines from different places pa :(