Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Andrea's "Dora" Weekend

Last weekend was "Mommy and Andrea's Girl Bonding Weekend". My husband attended this meeting/event which left me and Andrea alone at home (the nanny was there, but she was working on something else last weekend). While we were playing... Andrea kept asking me for "Dora"... which means she wanted me to play her "Dora the Explorer" DVD's. She's crazy about Dora... but I try to limit her TV-watching time. So I tried distracting her with her "Dora" dolls and books instead.

Dora the Explorer as Little Red Riding Hood
In spite of the costume, Andrea recognized this doll as Dora when she got it as a gift from one my aunts last Christmas. While Andrea was taking a nap, I got this idea to make new clothes for this Dora to make her look like... well... Dora :) The Dora that Andrea knows and loves that is. So I got to work.

First on my plate... Backpack! I already featured Backpack on my post yesterday, modeled by Barbie. Here it is again:
From a small piece of leftover fabric from an old t-shirt, a little red and yellow felt for the eyebrows and mouth, and plastic eyes.
This time, worn by Dora :)
Andrea loves that little Backpack! I haven't finished the rest of Dora's outfit yet. I will post again when Dora, the Little Red Riding Hood, looks like Dora the Explorer already :)

Hmmm... notice that bracelet on Dora's wrist? Looks very easy to do... all you need is a blue flower and yellow beads. So I got to work:

ta-dah!! Dora's bracelet!

And here's my little Dora wearing her new bracelet while playing.
Notice the outfit? That's a little something we did last Sunday. I dressed up Andrea as Dora the Explorer. At 15 months, she recognized the outfit. While I was dressing her up, she picked up her orange shorts and said "Dora!!!". Tsk, tsk... little fan girl!

She wore her Dora outfit to visit cousin Laena:
1) Pink t-shirt, check! 2) Orange shorts, check! 3) Yellow socks (i.e. yellow strip of fabric wrapped around her socks and secured with velcro), check! 4) Pink rubber shoes, check! 5) Blue flower bracelet, check! 5) Backpack, check! 6) Bangs... errr... Andrea has wavy hair and bangs won't work for her so let's skip this one :)
Good thing Dora's costume is simple and easy to put together from stuff we already have.

That Backpack she's wearing... it's store-bought. And it's not hers, it belongs to her cousin Helaena. We just borrowed it.
I've been checking the mall for a couple of months now for another one like it for Andrea but it's still out of stock.
With my little Dora :) (who wasn't in the mood for photos)
Well, that's it! I hope Dora fans out there enjoy our post. Bye-bye!


Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Aw that's so cute! You did a great job with the Dora accessories. I bet your daughter feels just like DOra when she wears them!

Janelle said...

Thanks Rachelle!

nicquee said...

Really nice post! Andrea is so smart for being able to recognize her outfit! Looking forward to more adventures with Dora and Andrea.