Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is this worth it?

You probably heard about the beached whale shark found on Monday (Feb 15, 2010) in Tingloy, Batangas. It was captured, the fins removed, and left to die. It was still alive when it was discovered but of course, it eventually died.

Someone wanted the fins. Nothing else. Just the fins. I heard it sells for hundreds of dollars per kilo. But was it worth it? What a waste of a magnificent creature!

The whale shark with it's fins cut off.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I was taking a short break from work so I decided to Google the email address that sent that dumb email in my previous entry. I got this hit:

Either that's the guy that's been sending phishing emails or that poor guy's account was one of the hacked and is being used to send the emails.

WARNING: Stupid email from "Yahoomail Team"

I was checking my Yahoo mail this morning when I saw a message from "Yahoomail Team".

When I opened the email... this was the message:

Apparently, someone is trying to prey on the unaware.

1. Yahoomail Team... why is your email ""?
2. And why was the addressee Dearest... I am not mvi_alcantara.
3. Oh please, I hope everyone knows by now that no legitimate entity will ask for your user name and password. They would have it in their database.
4. And last... if they want to check which accounts are inactive, they have automated tools to do that.

UPDATE: I started writing this blog as soon as I saw the email. I took a short break while writing this to read the rest of my email and saw that I have a lot of suspicious emails from my Yahoo contacts. I think some of them actually believed the email and sent someone their user name and password. The weird emails are asking me for money. Tsk tsk tsk.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am still asleep

I have been sleep deprived since October 20, 2009.

It's actually not so bad now that Andrea can sleep for about 6 hours straight at night, but still, I can't remember anymore the last time I was able to sleep through the entire night.

I had a meeting scheduled for 7AM this morning. That means I had to wake up at 5AM... and leave home a little before 6:30AM. On a normal weekday... I am supposed to wake up at 7AM but end up getting up at around 7:30. To cut to the chase... I'm sleepy.

After the meeting, I decided to get breakfast. I took the stairs from the 16th floor to the 11th floor. I overshot the 11th floor and ended up midway between the 10th and 9th floors before I realized the hall wasn't familiar anymore. I went back up to the 11th and started flashing my ID and kept wondering why the lock wasn't clicking... until I realized I was flashing my ID at the light switch (and there was actually no lock at the 11th floor fire exit doorway anyway!). Good thing no one saw me.


I have 6 more hours to go. I hope I wake up soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because moments like these deserve a screen capture...

Click image for clearer view. Come on! Click!!!

Sa wakas!! Nag-number 1 na din ako sa Bejeweled Blitz!!! HAHAHA! :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Motherhood 101: Proud Parent

I was reading the latest issue of Reader's Digest last night and in the "Dear Aunty" section a letter sender who calls herself "Proud Parent" was asking for advice regarding a friend who always tries to top her stories about her children. Aunty's advice was to find a less competitive friend to share her stories with.

I think most parents have this tendency. For a while, I was fighting this same tendency because I remember how it used to annoy me when I hear 2 parents engage in a "who-has-the-best-kid" conversation. Face it, every parent is biased and we think that our children are better than other people's kids. But your child will never be the best in the eyes of another parent no matter how great your story (I think any parent who thinks that another child is better than his/hers needs therapy). So I don't see the point in these bragging sessions. For me, it's enough that I know how great Andrea is. I don't have to impose her on other people to feed my ego. When someone tells a story about their child, is it really so hard to just listen and be happy for them?

Ox Outlook for 2010

Both MG and Andrea were born on the year of the Ox

Ox Overview

You could have a measure of good luck this year as the Tiger seems to bring some to everyone, and Metal is the Ox's most favorable element. On the other hand, you might as well be prepared to face some challenges. Tiger style is not conducive to your peace of mind. This is not the time to march forth boldly into battle heedless of the consequences. You will have to pick your fights and show much restraint if you want to be successful overall. You are only likely to have two great months this year; make sure to take advantage of the opportunities they provide. The rest of the time you need to tone down your efforts and press ahead carefully with ongoing projects.

Ox Rating

29% (2 favorable and 10 unfavorable months)

Ox Career

A year of transition and unexpected changes in career prospects could unnerve the Ox in 2010, especially after what have likely been two years of steady progress. The Tiger could present great long-term opportunities in the Ox's profession, but you may not readily see it this way unless you are willing to reconsider well-laid plans. It is not a good time to push ahead too boldly. Rather, focus on maintaining gains already made and strengthening your professional reputation. Better yet, making yourself more valuable in your field by diversifying your skill set and pursuing additional accreditations or qualifications will be fruitful endeavors this year. Self-improvement will position you for future successes.

Ox Relationships

While generally a quiet year, Oxen will enjoy a number of memorable occasions with loved ones and develop valuable new contacts. Happiness could be focused around a younger person who is a source of pride and comfort (JANELLE: Again... Andrea ). A recent acquaintance could become more important in your life, and development of this relationship over the year could have powerful meaning for you. Unattached Oxen could find a deeper love in a blossoming friendship. Family relationships should be a reliable source of support and encouragement when things don't go as smoothly as you would like. Try to be especially straightforward and open with your feelings and not let small problems fester or escalate this year.

Ox Health

Burnout is a risk this year if your reaction to setbacks tends to be simply working harder. For your mental health it's advisable to take up some hobby or interest that is completely new to you and that doesn't directly relate to your current goals or responsibilities. The challenge of mastering a new skill is likely to be a healthy way to refocus some of your energies that may be frustrated over the course of the year. Furthermore, it is likely that you will discover you have some abilities you were unaware of, which will boost your self-esteem and personal outlook for the future.

Ox Wealth

Your cautious approach will serve you well in 2010; although, you may be uncharacteristically tempted by fast-moving forces to take unusual risks. Do not let yourself be pushed or pressured to follow the crowd in financial matters. If everyone else suffers a big loss, so be it. There may be lucrative opportunities where wealth is concerned, and you should certainly investigate and take advantage of them. But, this is no time to throw caution to the wind. Rely on your methodical and patient style when making money decisions this year.

Goat Outlook for 2010

I don't really believe in these things but one little thing about the Ox forecast (MG's year) for last year made an impression:

"There may be a number of experiences that will provide great joy for the Ox. One area, in particular, is the Ox's personal life. You may see an addition to the family."

And true enough, we had Andrea

Mine wasn't quite on the spot. It wasn't supposed to be a good year for people born in the year of the Goat but I really did well last year.

Anyway, I decided to check out mine and MG's forecasts again this year:

Goat Overview

If you encountered more difficulties than usual last year, and most Goats probably did (JANELLE: I didn't), the Year of the Tiger should provide more opportunities. As indicated by the relatively small number of favorable months, however, you are still likely to face challenges in 2010. It may not be an easy year, but the key to your success will be to maintain your composure and not get caught up in the excitement of the moment. Focus on cooperative endeavors and cultivate friends and associates carefully. The Tiger has claws, so run, don't walk away from arguments and unpleasantness that have no good prospects for resolution. Align yourself with the Tiger, not against it. Then make your moves smartly during those four favorable months.

Goat Rating

42% (4 favorable, 1 neutral and 7 unfavorable months)

Goat Career

It is a near certainty that 2010 will bring Goats at least one dramatic change in their career, whether a new role in your position, or a different job altogether (JANELLE: Hmmm... interesting...). Whether this change is voluntary or discouraging, you should take heart in that these transitions hold a wealth of potential for you. Even if your new job isn't what you expect, or is somewhat disappointing, it is likely it will very quickly lead to more desirable opportunities you couldn't have anticipated. Do your best in any situation, work diligently to develop your skills, and take responsibilities seriously, even if they feel beneath you at times. Take heart, you will receive ample recognition next year for the dues you pay now.

Goat Relationships

The active Tiger will be felt keenly in your social life. It could be a year in which you meet a great many people, more than a few of whom may play a significant role in your future. So, while all your socializing may feel like play (JANELLE: Wait... so I will be socializing? I wonder where Andrea is supposed to be while I'm doing all this socializing ), it is actually a very important activity for you. That said, the Tiger's influence will encourage you to party like there is no tomorrow. You may be easily distracted from tasks, especially the less pleasant ones, so you will need to be disciplined and make sure your playtime does not interfere with your other goals. Personal relationships should flourish this year, though change will be ever-present. You can expect a marked transition in at least one significant relationship, whether it is a separation, or on the contrary, a deeper commitment.

Goat Health

Goats should brace themselves for a very busy year in all arenas. Therefore, it will be important to take care of your body and mind to keep from burning out. Schedule those things you do to relax and feel good about yourself and be proactive about managing your time, or those important activities will quickly be pushed to the wayside. Of course, busy times are those in which you tend to skimp on yourself, exercise routines (JANELLE: Guilty! haha!), and fresh foods. In fact, you would do well to strive for the opposite. Your health in 2010 is essential to your continued success, so address it at least as seriously as any of your other endeavors.

Goat Wealth

Whatever your income, this year is likely to involve some major financial outlays (JANELLE: Yeah... and that financial outlay has a name: Andrea). This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are spending on long-term investments like a home, education, or expanding a profitable business. Make sure you are not spending on speculative ventures. If it feels like a gamble, keep your money as far away from it as possible. You may need to deny yourself some of the niceties you are accustomed to (JANELLE: Waaaaahhh!!!) in order to finance your big-picture plans. Don't be bitter about this; you will thank yourself later for your frugality now.