Monday, January 10, 2011

Rolled Flower Headband

I'm into fabric flowers lately... can you tell? I really should work on something else (my sewing skills for one) because I have no idea what to do with the flowers I already made and the ones I'm still planning to make. I told one of my friends that I enjoy the process of making them... and since I won't be able to use them all, I just give them away.

So here's another one. For the tutorial, I don't have just one source because I found out that there are a lot online. But I got the idea to make one from this post from Fabric Bows and More. After 2 failed tries (glue was all over the first 2 attempts) and about 1.5 yards of wasted satin ribbon, I ended up with one rolled flower:

I attended a wedding last weekend and I thought about making one with three flowers like the one made by Fabric Bows and More to match my dress but... (see sentence above re the 2 failed tries) one will have to do. I added 3 acrylic leaves to the flower (there were 3 when I made it but when I took this photo earlier, I guess one must have fell off already when I wore it last Saturday) and I used a strip of black satin for my headband.

Here's a picture of me wearing it:
3 leaves here, see?

Did I forget to mention that my little darling daughter was one of the flower 'babies' at that wedding? :) (I say flower baby because there were 2 flower girls of the appropriate age and then the 3 flower babies of toddler age).

She can't walk without assistance yet, so I had to walk with her. She was little Miss Happy all the way. All smiley and giggly while walking to the altar.

I just love her so much!

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