Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Am Now Richer by One Printer


This is the first time in my whole life that I ever won a prize in a raffle. (The mousepad and the cellphone case I got from a raffle in Smart doesn't count since they have enough prizes for everyone and everyone got something anyway). I won a printer during the Paramount last February. I got the printer today... almost the end of June.

My old printer at home ran out of colored ink around the time the winners were announced and I decided not to replenish since I figured I'm about to have a new printer (with ink, I hope, hehe) . So my old printer has been printing in grayscale for almost 4 months (which is ok since I never print anything important anyway). You see, I never lost hope that I will receive this new printer some day so I still refused to buy new colored ink *wink*.

And now, it's here! Yey!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are you lonely?

Paulo posted this on my Funwall (in Facebook).

Meetings... the reason why I'm still here at the office at 9PM X(

Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking Good on Screen

I'm on the market for a new mobile phone.

A Sony Ericsson phone, preferrably (since both my phones right now are SE).
I started searching and found what I thought was the perfect phone: K850i. It's perfect because it has a 5-megapixel camera. Which is great because I also want to get a point-and-shoot camera and it's like getting 2 gadgets in one (saving me a lot of purse space!).

That was until I saw the actual unit.

It's ugly.

Really ugly.

I don't even know what else to say except that it's really, really ugly.

No offense to the people who bought this phone. The features are great that's why it caught my interest when I was checking it out. I'm just not satisfied with the aesthetics.

What was Sony Ericsson thinking???

I went to several stores, and looked at the phone several times. I was hoping that with time, my eyes will get used to it and I will begin to see it's beauty. (I really, really wanted to buy a new phone last weekend). Don't let the photo fool you... the actual unit looks like cheap plastic. It features a rectangular button at the center plated with either electric blue or green metallic paint but I think it chips easily. The paint on the display unit at the Sony Ericsson store were chipped and faded (what message are you trying to convey???).

For a while there I was feeling really low and even considered buying an N82 instead. It looked prettier. But I wanted matching phones (and the N82 is more expensive :)
So it was back to searching for me. I saw the C902 model online earlier. I'm going to the malls after work to check it out. Either that, or I wait for the newer models.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disaster Strikes

A friend forwarded this to me earlier:

PAL to Limit Baggage Weight on North American Route

Good bye, shoes...

Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! They can't do this to me!!! :( Does anyone know how much excess baggage costs?

Edited at 5:57PM

False alarm!!! Applies only for tickets bought on or after July 1. Whew! My shoes can travel safely with me!

Monday, June 16, 2008

House Repairs

I visited my family in Bataan last weekend and we got to talking about a certain cousin who is obsessively clean. Being the easily influenced person that I am, I got to thinking about my own house...

...or rather, I'd rather not think about my house, it's stressing me out :(

Let's put it this way... 2 people living in a 3-bedroom house (4 if you count the maid's quarters). Both closets in the 2 spare rooms are full. The maid's room is the official bodega.

WAIT! Before you start thinking how inhuman we are... NO, WE DON'T HAVE A MAID. Ok? :)

Where was I? Oh yeah... storage areas. Then there's the attic, if you can call the small hole in the ceiling that leads to the roof that. And we have been known to throw things up at our attic just so we don't have to see them lying around (and no... I have no idea yet how we can retrieve them if ever we do know what to with those already).

Anyway, just to document my thought process early this morning as I was eating breakfast (which caused me to be late going to work! Because I couldn't stop thinking) when I decided that we have to get the house fixed next year. I decided to do it in steps, so I won't get so overwhelmed with everything (especially the cost!):

Step 1: Build small shed outside sliding glass door (YES, pwede ito! Don't ask me how yet basta I am determined to have one constructed there).

Step 2: Repaint downstairs.

Step 3: Buy new furniture: sofa set, dining table set (note to self: find out what to do with current furniture).

Step 4: Build a wall-to-wall bookshelf in the hall (where our current bookshelf/mini-bodega is located right now).

Step 5: Build kitchen cabinets/counter in the dining area (get rid of all the current shelves lining the wall). Repair all cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Step 6: Build linen cabinet on the 2nd floor hall (I need the closet space currently being occupied by linen).

Step 7: Replace all bathroom doors with pretty ones (the ones with stained glass).

Step 8: Clean out both spare rooms and the maid's quarters. Throw away everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that shows no sign of current use and everything that I can afford to buy again even if I discover that I need it after I throw it away.

That's it for now. Target implementation date: March 2009.

I will update this by then to see how it works out ;) Wish me luck! (and lots of help)

Friday, June 13, 2008

You Learn Something New Everyday

Did you know that...

...Flintstones contain the same vitamins and minerals as prescription prenatal vitamins?

I got the info from my friend Jo :)

I did a little online research and I came upon this site listing the contents of prenatal vitamins:

  • 4,000 and 5,000 IU (international units) of vitamin A
  • 800 and 1,000 mcg (1 mg) of folic acid
  • 400 IU of vitamin D
  • 200 to 300 mg of calcium
  • 70 mg of vitamin C
  • 1.5 mg of thiamine
  • 1.6 mg of riboflavin
  • 2.6 mg of pyridoxine
  • 17 mg of niacinamide
  • 2.2 mcg of vitamin B-12
  • 10 mg of vitamin E
  • 15 mg of zinc
  • 30 mg of iron

I decided to check it out at the drugstore and how about that? There are different varieties of Flintstones!

I went for the one with the most pretentious-sounding contents. Flintstones Vitamins and Minerals Plus Iron. This type contains:

  • 2500 I.U.Retinol Equivalent (Vitamin A)
  • 400 I.U. Vitamin D3
  • 15 I.U Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • 1.05 mg Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
  • 1.20 mg Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • 1.05 mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
  • 4.5 mcg Hydroxocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • 300 mcg Folic Acid
  • 13.5 mg Nicotinic Acid (Niacin)
  • 60 mg Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
  • 15 mg Iron (elemental) --> wow, what's that? a game console character? hehe.

Flintstones COMPLETE (the kind I failed to buy) has 400 mcg Folic Acid per candy... uh... I mean, tablet. So that means, 2 tablets per day should give you approximately the same effect as prenatal vitamins.

NOTE: If you were prescribed prenatal vitamins by your doctor, please consult first before switching to Flintstones. I am merely talking off the top of my head. Plus, I'm biased... I like Flintstones better than boring old tablets and capsules.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Learning by Necessity

I have done it!

I created my first theme for Blogger :)

Major feat for someone with no background in html or whatever it is they are using for Blogger. It took all of about 5 hours to pick apart one of the default templates to come up with this:


It still needs a lot of work. I'm just getting tired of staring at my monitor all day.

I learned CSS from updating my themes in Multiply. And since they blocked Multiply and I have to start using Blogger, I will have to learn this too.

Well... that's it for today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weather Weirdness

When rain decides to take over summer and summer decides to take revenge during the rainy days... don't know when to plan beach outings anymore.

It started raining as early as April, ruining my dreams of a beautiful tan (which, for me, takes a long time to materialize, if it ever does), but saving me from the monumental electric bill I usually expect during summers of 24x7 airconditioning. Now... it's June and I was expecting rain. But here we have really, really hot weather. This just moves my monumental electric bill from April to June.


And then, from dizzying heat from the sun earlier when we had to cross the overpass to get to the other side of the road for lunch, to torrential rain (I heard some roads are already flooded, my goodness!).

That's climate change and global warming for you ladies and gentlement of this world.

Bag Organizers

I've been hearing and seeing these things online for quite some time now and I don't understand why I never got one earlier. It's so... convenient! Just put all the stuff you put in your purse there and when you have to change purses... just move the entire thing. I won't ever have to forget my i.d. and access card ever again! (I hope...).

The one I bought has a gazillion pockets and compartments!

Ok, that's exagerating.

It's about 10" x 8"... the size of a medium-sized bag. This size suits me and fits inside most of my bags. I need a big one because the cosmetics bag I carry with me everywhere is already about 7" x 5" big. My bag organizer has 3 compartments, 3 inner pockets, 1 inner zipped pocket, 3 side pockets for cellphones, 3 pen holders, a key holder, and a small coin purse.

Price: P180.00 (Approx $4)

Smaller ones go for P150 (Approx $3.50) .

Bag organizer inside my hand bag.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Action Star Bids Good-bye and 3-year old Twins Die From Poison Intake

Some news I picked up over the weekend:

Rudy Fernandez Bids Goodbye After Battle with Cancer

I was never a fan. For one, his movies are not really my genre. But you have to admit, "Rudy Fernandez" is a household name which I've been hearing since childhood. I didn't even know he had cancer. But then again, I don't pride myself on being up-to-speed with showbiz news. Surprisingly though, hubby knew about his cancer. How about that?

He died early morning of June 7.

Periampullary Cancer. Fancy name for a killer.

I only learned about it on the evening news. All weekend, tv stations have been competing for interviews with family and friends. It didn't matter though, the statements were the same, everyone admired him for the strength of character he showed everyone during his fight with cancer. Last interviews with him showed him strong, cheerful and hopeful. "See you next year!" he said to his guests on his 56th birthday last March. His last birthday.

3-Year Old Twins Die After Ingesting Chemical Used for Cleaning Jewelry

Another sad news.

3-year old twin boys died after drinking jewelry cleaner stored in a mineral water bottle. The mother said they thought it was water since the liquid was clear. The mother's sister was the one who left the bottle at their house.


I think I know the type of jewelry cleaner they were talking about. I think it's the same one I have at home. It's clear liquid which smells like Clorox with soap. It's very easy to use, just pour enough liquid into a container. Soak your silver or gold jewelry. And you will immediately see the results. No rubbing. No polishing. Something I noticed though, jewelry I cleaned this way tarnish easily so I have to cleam them often.

Anyway, back to the kids.

Parents blame the sister. Given the same circumstances, I think I would too. But come to think of it... the bottle was placed above the sink beyond the little boys' reach. Someone made them drink it. Whoever did, I'm surprised they didn't catch the smell. Opening the bottle will release a very strong smell. No one will mistake it for water.

Just my 2 cents.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Open Water Reminiscences

Yet another not-so-busy day at work for me.

I just finished the last session of the training I was conducting this morning. I'm very relieved that I won't have to go against my body clock anymore to conduct a training during inhumane hours for people half a world away.

My favorite site is still blocked by the office network so it's still aimless surfing for me. I googled and I came upon this article about an organization I used to belong to.

Brought back fond memories of days gone by :)

American Idol Obsession

I lost track of American Idol after David Cook was announced the winner for season 7. For a few days after the finals, I tried to keep posted on news regarding the contestants but the interest dwindled with nothing much to feed it.

Anyway, it was another boring day yesterday after I finished conducting a training here at the office and since they recently blocked the office's official favorite site, Multiply (yeah... sad day it was...), I had no choice but to surf aimlessly. My officemate was talking about the American Idol Summer tour and maybe catching it when he goes to NY.


Hey summer...

Wait a minute, something clicked...

I will be in the US this July! So maybe... just maybe...

I checked the American Idol summer tour schedule and to my distress, I am going to miss them!!! The tour is moving from the West Cost to the East Coast while I will be moving the opposite direction during the same period!!!!

I popped an instant message to my husband telling him that we should have just gone straight to CA instead of going East so that I could have caught the AI Summer tour in San Jose, CA.

hubby: "Are u crazy? U will trade half of your trip just to see that???"

me: :(

I pondered about what he said. I wanted to go on vacation for a long time and this is the only time I was allowed enough vacation time from the office to go for a long trip. Is it really worth missing half of my planned tour?

After thinking about it for a while... I have my answer...

YES!!! I would have traded my entire trip for tickets to an American Idol concert and a picture with Jason Castro :D