Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A visit to great grandma & ruffle shirts

As I mentioned before, I was working on a project for my 2 girls. I had this post from Disney's blog in mind but since I didn't have my computer on when I started... the end result looked a little different. Not sure if I saw this somewhere else, I can't remember, but I'll link to it when I do remember.
Anyway... I wanted to make matching shirts for Andrea and Helaena. I saw cheap plain shirts from SM Best Buy for P80 each last Friday. The color options were limited for the sizes I wanted. I think my choices at the time were purple, white and blue. I wanted pink but I ended up with the purple ones.
Then I bought 1 meter of cream-colored ribbon. Knowing nothing about measurements... I thought that would be enough to ruffle the necklines of both shirts. I was wrong of course. That 1 meter was only good for Andrea's shirt (the smaller one). I had to improvise when I started working on Helaena's (the bigger one).

I had left over material from when I made this doll dress. Good thing it was also cream-colored so the color scheme for both shirts will still be the same. I cut 2 strips from the same lace tank, each strip 1.5 inches wide and used that as ruffle. The lace material from the tank doesn't fray... lucky me (I hope!), I didn't have to hem.

The bow ties was an afterthought after I finished with the ruffles on both shirts. They were looking a little plain so I played around with the idea of satin flowers (ruffles and satin flowers looked a little too much), buttons (they were ok for the design on Andrea's, but not for Helaena's), and ribbons. I think the bow ties looked best.

And yesterday (a non-working holiday here), we visited my grand mother (which makes her the little girls' great grandma!) and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity for both girls to wear their matching shirts.

 I don't think they were in the mood for photos. As you can see, I added another layer of ruffle on Helaena's shirt a few minutes before she had to wear it.

 A closer look at Andreas shirt.

Playing with great grandma's walking gadget (I don't know what it's called).

My little girls trying their talent on the piano. My cousins and I... we all had our pictures taken at my grandmother's piano when we were little. It's still a favorite spot for family photos.

I started reading the manual of my sewing machine and hopefully, I will learn how to use it so that projects like this won't take up so much time. I loved seeing my little girls wearing their matching shirts and I want to make more!


nicquee said...

gusto ko nian for ayex and maxyn!

Janelle said...

Di ba nakita mo ako sa SM 3rd floor before? Katabi ng section ng sewing materials yung mga murang t-shirts sa SM ;) Yun nga lang aabangan mo talaga yung smaller sizes. Yung kay Ayex medyo common, yung kay Maxyn yung medyo rare. Sana nga pinagbibili ko na yung mga plain tshirts nung nakita ko... I returned 2 days after I bought the purple ones... wala ng sizes available for Andrea and Helaena X(

And the ruffles you can sew by machine... alam mo naman, traumatic pa kasi sa kin gumamit ng makina :D