Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have a lot of free time...

...but not able to do a lot or leave the house much.

So I picked up an old project that had been lying unfinished since 2001. Wow... 2001 was a long time ago. I started this project in 2000, I think and I lost momentum when I couldn't find some materials I needed anywhere.

Anyway, now is the time to finish this I guess. I am hoping I finish this before October. I'll have this framed and hang it in my living room.

This is how it will look when I'm done:

*I only downloaded this image from the internet to inspire me. I lost the original photo that came with the pattern.

The design is an old design from Mirabilia: Waiting for Ships. Unlike the sample image above, I'm using cream colored cloth. I started with the lower half of the pattern (the tail part) and I think I can finish it by this weekend. I hope to start working on the other half by next week.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How is it not clear?

In spite of the news that Influenza A (H1N1) finally hit the country, the scandal involving our favorite doctor/singer is still the favorite news fodder. I took a cab to work this morning and the driver's radio was tuned to a news station that was giving updates on the scandal. Since Katrina already gave her statement to the senate yesterday, Hayden, Vicki and some other guy are being called today to give theirs.

While navigating the roads of C5, manong driver was giving me his commentary on the entire situation*:

*(mostly paraphrased since I can't remember his exact words)

Manong: Wala namang mangyayari sa reklamo nya (i.e. Katrina) kasi ginusto din naman nya yung nangyari e.
(Translation: Nothing will come out of her complaint since what happened was consensual)

Usually, when taxi drivers start their commentary on whatever topic, I choose to remain quiet, giving a perfunctory nod or a tight-lipped smile every now and then, to show them I am not interested. I just want peace and quiet as I ready myself for another working day ahead.

Manong driver's initial statement was already a bit off but I decided to ignore it. I turned my head and looked out the window without saying anything. Apparently, he didn't get the hint.

Manong: Kahit kaninong abogado ka magtanong, walang mangyayari sa kaso na yan kasi mukhang hindi naman sya pumapalag and I'm sure, nasarapan din sya sa ginawa nila e, di ba?
(Translation: You can ask any lawyer, nothing will come out of this case because it was consensual, and I'm sure she enjoyed the act).

At this point, I decided to say something.

Me: Hindi naman po sya nagre-reklamo dahil may nangyari sa kanila... yung reklamo po nya dahil vinideo yung ginagawa nila ng hindi nya alam. At ngayon, nakalat pa.
(Translation: She wasn't complaining about the fact that they had sex... her complaint was that they were videotaped during the act without her knowledge. And now, that video was released to the public.)

Manong: Kahit na, ginusto pa din nya yung nangyari. Yun nga lang, kumalat ngayon yung video. May kasalanan din yung naglabas ng video. Wala na syang matatago. Pag nakikita mo nga sya ngayon nai-imagine mo pa din na nakahubad sya.
(Translation: Even then, she still gave her consent about what happened. Only now, the video was released to the public. The person who released it was also at fault. She can't hide anything now. When you see her now, you can still imagine her naked.)

I was beginning to get irritated. What the hell was he talking about that happened that was consensual? The sex? Of course it was freakin consensual... they were in a pseudo-relationship at the time. But that was not what the complaint was about. Where the hell did he get that idea?

Me: Maaring ginusto nga po nya yung nangyari, boyfriend po nya yung tao na yun at the time e. Pero hindi naman nga po yun yung nire-reklamo nya. Yung pag-take po ng video yung nire-reklamo nya kasi hindi mo nya alam na vini-video sila habang ginagawa nila yun.
(Translation: She might have given her consent regarding the sexual act, he was her boyfriend at the time. But that was not what she was complaining about. Her complaint was against the act of videotaping their private moment without her knowledge.)

At this point, the cab reached my destination. Which was a good thing because I could feel my temper beginning to flare. What the hell was he thinking? Where did he get the idea that the poor woman was filing a complaint because they had sex??? That story has been running in the news, several segments, several programs, for a few nights now. Some people still didn't get it? I hope manong driver's ideas is not reflective of the general public. The women involved are dealing with enough as it is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the new American Idol is...

... Scott MacIntyre!!

For me at least :) Officially, it's Kris Allen.

I'm following @IdolScott on Twitter and he said that Billy Joel couldn't make it that's why his duet was cut. So that's what happened. I was wondering why he didn't have one. I actually missed work early this morning to watch the show which aired in my part of the world at 8AM via satellite.

Anyway, a few random thoughts about the last sing off and the finale:
  • Randy was right, No Boundaries actually suited Kris' voice better than it did Adam's.
  • While listening to Kris sing No Boundaries, I was thinking that it will actually sound good if Megan Joy was singing it. Watchatink?
  • While we're on the topic, No Boundaries is kinda similar to Miley Cyrus' The Climb. You know, climbing mountains and stuff. The Climb sounds better though.
  • Whoever is in charge of the directing the effects for the stage is clearly biased for Adam. I mean the effects are always better during Adam's performances.
  • Adam's performance with Kiss during the finale show was scary... members of Kiss looked like demons to me. I don't go for those types of performances.
  • I sure hope Adam's attitude throughout the competition is not just an act... he seems like a really nice guy.
  • It was great seeing Alexis Grace and Megan Joy again during the finale show
So now... the long wait for Season 9 begins.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who would have thought?

Consider me weird but I actually miss the days when I did housework. (OMG! the world IS ending!!!)

It all started last Saturday, when I woke up and found my house clean, the trash taken out, and breakfast ready. Though I was expecting it since we got our housekeeper, it felt weird. Because that was my Saturday routine: wake up, take out the trash, clean the house, prepare breakfast, wash dishes, prepare lunch, wash dishes, do laundry. Mundane though it was, it filled my Saturdays. Last Saturday found me at 9AM with nothing to do.

I waited for MG to wake up (which was around 11AM). We then had lunch (that our housekeeper prepared) and settled in the living room to watch TV (while our housekeeper did the lunch dishes before she left for her weekend off)... all afternoon! I was bored out of my head. I would have appreciated the help about a year ago when I was managing a small business and killing myself maintaining a household and a regular job at the same time. But now, when I can hardly go out, I realize I'm beginning to miss the mundane.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Loose Change

I wonder what is it with men and coins. Almost every guy I know has kept a stash of coins somewhere at some point in his life... in big jars, ash trays, tables. I mean when I get coins, they are usually the first to be spent to get them out of wallet. They are heavy when they accumulate. But men don't seem to do that. They get small change, put them in their pockets, and seem to forget they have them.

I recently acquired a new addition to my household... my housekeeper/future nanny Jene (pronounced "Jenny", but that's how she spells her name). When she arrived, I put her to work cleaning the house (and that's when I realized I really don't know how to clean... I could never get my house that clean! But that's another story). I decided to do a little general cleaning on the bedrooms upstairs as well. And that's when I found them. Small stashes of coins on tables, inside ceramic vases, drawers, bookshelves.. everywhere! Put all together they make a decent medium-sized pile. Some are even old coins, the kind that are no longer in circulation. I don't get where they come from... I thought I found all the old coins around the house last summer already. Apparently I missed a lot.

Anyway, I separated the old coins from the new ones and put the new ones in a coin bank.

We've had this coin bank for 2 years. It's made of metal (like a real LPG tank) so it's a bit heavy already even when empty. MG's dad won it in a raffle and left it in our house. It's about a foot high and 1/6 full from all the coins I found (plus a few from my wallet) .

I wonder how long it will take me to fill it and how much I'll get?

NOTE: MG decided to be uncooperative since he recently got a coin purse. He refuses to donate his coins to my coin bank and doesn't leave coins around the house for me to find anymore.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tweet... Tweet...

"Follow me on Twitter!"

I have always been intrigued with this Twitter business since I saw Ellen De Generes asking people to follow her on Twitter. And then Oprah, and Britney, and then I learned that there is a host of other celebrities there too.

I was checking out Scott MacIntyre's MySpace page this morning (yes, I am still a fan and if I can't watch him on Idol, I'd settle for stalking him on the web) and saw that he is also on Twitter. So if anything can inspire me to Twitter, that was it. I was curious what Idol Scott was Twittering about. I created my account this morning and connected to a few of my friends who are already on Twitter.

I don't get the attraction though. Why would you want other people to know what you are doing all the time? I get why celebrities do it. I mean there are many people out there (including me!) who are curious about every minute of their lives.

In any case, I am on Twitter but I don't really post anything so I won't ask anyone to "follow me" (which I find creepy anyway... why would anyone want to know what I'm doing?) I just use it to keep updated on my favorite celebrities. I'm still building my account so right now, I am only following:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Instruction Manual for Future Parents

Roselle sent this to me via email this morning. She was right, this is sooooooo informative! This had me laughing all morning.


Janelle: That's how the stork does it though, right?

Janelle: Not recommended for children below 3 years and with IQ's below 140.

Janelle: Shiatsu?

Janelle: Washing with baby with hose will only work if mixed with fertilizer. Will make baby grow faster.

Janelle: Dryer not recommended for babies. Heat will make them shrink.

Janelle: This one actually has merit to it.

Janelle: Hello? Mommy?? Baby can't drink from a mug yet. Please transfer coffee to a baby bottle.

Janelle: I don't get it. I used to do this to my brother Lester when he was a baby.

Janelle: Tip, it's rude to pick someone else's nose. Let baby do it himself.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Regrets are always too late

I should have placed a bet on the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight last weekend!

I've been thinking about placing a bet for Manny Pacquiao since his fight with Diaz. I remember I was listening to a radio program at the time and they were discussing odds and bets and the newscaster mentioned that minimum bet was $100. I was so confident Pacquiao would win so I didn't think much about the $100 price tag as I was considering the idea.

However, I had a few misgivings about the entire thing:
1. I know, we are in a crisis and yes, I know I can put that $100 into better use.
2. I do know that sports betting is not as simple as betting who will win or lose. It's a lot more complicated than that.
3. Since I don't know much about sports betting, $100 seems a steep price (for me at least) to pay to learn by experience (in case I lose).
4. I was raised believing that betting (or any form of gambling for that matter) is wrong.

So back then, I did not place a bet for the Pacquiao-Diaz fight.

I wasn't really that interested in the Pacquiao-De la Hoya fight for some reason. I don't know why but I don't even think I watched it on TV.

Anyway, then came the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. This really interested me because by chance, I once saw a Hatton fight on TV before. At the time, I didn't know who he was and I don't even remember who he was fighting but I was left with the impression that Hatton is a strong fighter and that made me remember his name. So when his fight with Pacquiao came up, I thought about betting again.

I kept mentioning it to a few of my friends and my husband but no one really encouraged me to go for it (all I was waiting for was someone to push me!). So again, I did not place a bet.

And Pacquiao won... again!