Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yo-ho! Let's go!

Can you relate? 

If you can, you probably have a toddler in the house who watches too much Disney Junior.

Welcome to my world!

We took Andrea to Eastwood a couple of weeks ago and there was this big inflatable pirate ship outside where kids can bounce and slide... for a fee of course. And of course, Andrea was too small to be allowed inside. Tsk tsk tsk! She was happy playing with the life-sized Jake and the Never Land Pirates character cut-outs on display though.

This layout was created as part of Berry Sweet Scraps' Scraplift Challenge for May. Elements used are from the "Pirates are not allowed" blog train kits sponsored by The Blog Train Blog, specifically from the following designers:
  • Digital Creation from Millstream Cottage
  • Jaya Prems Hangout
  • Hot Flash Designs
  • Kimeric Creations
  • Psychozoe Designs


Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

My nephew had a party at a place that was filled with jump houses. Luckily, they let adults in & let me tell you it was so much fun!

I'm happy to hear that your daughter didn't mind just taking photos with the cutouts - You've always have to find the positive in a situation :)

Wonderful creation, BTW.


Jenn Ji Hyun said...

As usual, you did a great job with the scrapbooking there!

Andi looks so cute with Jake and the Pirates. It's really great to see the kids enjoying, isn't it? I think it's one of the things that makes every mothers like us happiest. :)