Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Double the Happiness

I was able to work on 3 layouts last weekend. I was on a roll and I would have made more, except I was busy getting my 2-year-old daughter settled in her "new" room. It's not really new... her stuff has been in it since she was born. But she has been sleeping with me on our bed until now actually. I'm trying to ease her into sleeping on her own bed in her own room which means spending a lot of playtime in her room to make it fun for her.

Anyway, here is one of the layouts I finished in time to make it to Digidesign Resort's WordArt/Quote Challenge for April

We were provided with the WordArt from the Heart of Zen kit by Feli Designs. The other elements are from Digidesignresort's Collab kit, Natural Breeze (which you can get for free if you subscribe to their newsletter).

The photo was from our boating trip when we were in Baguio. Andrea started out scared to even get in the boat but once we started rowing, she had a lot of fun and refused to get off the boat when our time was up. And now, she likes boats. She was asking me to get the boat they are giving away on Jake and the Neverland Pirates which reminds me I have to go check their website now to find out how to enter that contest :-/


Agy said...

Shifting to kids to their own room is a challenge. We've been successful in getting our son to transfer to a mattress on the floor but it's still a struggle in getting him to go to his own room. If you have any tips, please share! :-)

Jenn JI Hyun said...

Mother-daughter moments are always precious. :)