Tuesday, May 8, 2012

iNSD Part 3 - Shopping!

We have come to my favorite part because I can not wait to start gushing about all the great new kits and great deals I got over the weekend :)

On Part 1 of my post, I mentioned that I have a $10 gift certificate at Coolscrapsdigital, plus a $1.50 gift certificate for Scrapper's Delights store there. I have an extensive wish list over at Coolscrapsdigital and I was only too happy to make some of those wishes come true :) Here's what I picked:

Enchanted Sea by Florjuscrap (original price: $5.40, got it at 40% off  at $3.24)
I love kits with beach/ocean themes. I guess it springs from the fact that I rarely get to go the beach anymore... and there was a time in my life that I actually considered abandoning my life in the city to be a professional scuba diver and to live on the beach. But real life kicked in and here I am... There were a lot of ocean themed kits to choose from, and I have some left on my wish list, but I picked this to buy first because of that cute turtle.

Home by Nathalie Scrap Design (original price $5.75, got it on sale for only $2.88)
I am also a sucker for fantasy-themed kits because my daughter is currently in the I-am-a-fairy-princess-mermaid stage and I am only too happy to indulge her. Actually, most of the stuff I download and buy, I do so with that little girl in mind. 

Myuki's Poem by Marie (it wasn't on sale, how sad... got it for $4.50)
I fell in love with this kit the first time I saw it. I love Asian themes and those cute Japanese dolls sold them for me. But this kit has not been put on sale since I saw it... waited though I did. So I finally bought it at full price. It's not even that expensive compared to other kits I want, and so worth the price!

The Hippo Song by Kikeka Kits (original price $4.00, got it on sale at $2.60)
I liked this because it reminds me of this hippo song video :) So cute. Ok I just checked this kit and it was put on further sale today!!! Only $1 now! *sigh* That's ok... it's still well worth more than the $2.60 I paid for it.

My total was $13.22... with my $10 gift certificate, I only paid $3.22 for the 4 kits! SCORE!!!

I still had that $1.50 gift certificate for Scrapper's Delight's store so I picked this kit:

Peace & Freedom kit by Scrapper's Delights (original price: $4.00, got it on sale at $2.40)
I admit... it was the unicorn that sold this kit for me :) Since I had a coupon for $1.50, I only paid $0.90 for this kit.

Let's hop on over to the Studio, where I have a $10 gift certificate for Feli Designs.

Heart of Zen by Feli Designs (original price $7.49, got it at 50% off for only $3.75)
Another oriental-themed kit. I fell in love with this kit since I saw a preview at DDR's Word Challenge for April. This kit is actually in my wish list so imagine how thrilled I was when I found out I have a gift certificate and can get this kit!

Sail to your dreams by Feli Designs (original price: $6.99, I got it at 50% off for only $3.50)
Winter Romance by Feli Designs and Lou Cee Creations (original price $7.99, got it at 50% off for only $4.00)
And then, I remembered this other kit I wanted from the Studio and decided to check if it was on sale:

Lakeside Fairies by Deliscraps by Min (original price: $4.99, got it at 50% off for only $2.50)
Deliscraps by Min once provided a mini kit from this kit for the Studio's Featured Designer Challenge for March 1-15, 2012. I loved the mini and submitted a layout for the challenge. And I had wanted to get the kit but I have a limited budget for kits, and I was already getting free kits from designers I CT for, so I don't really buy much. But at 50% off, I added it to my cart.

My total was $13.75... with my $10 gift certificate for Feli Designs products, and a group discount of $0.38 (I have no idea what this is... I just saw it when I was checking out), I only paid $3.37 for all 4 kits. *insert happy dance here*

I have a $2 coupon for Ann-Ominous Designs store at Berry Sweet Scraps so I headed off there and got this:

Paws for Me by Ann Ominous Designs (original price: $3.50, got it at 60% off for only $1.40)
I used the gift certificate so I didn't have to pay for this kit.

Since I was already at Berry Sweet Scraps, and the entire store is at 60% off until May 8, I decided to grab some of the kits I have been eyeing for a while.

Tiny Dancer by Judikim Designs (original price $4.00, got it at 60% off for only $1.60)
Need I explain why I wanted this kit? Aside from being a 'fairy princess mermaid' (Andrea's exact words), my daughter also goes through phases of being Angelina Ballerina.

Fairy Grace by Baby Cakes Scraps (original price: $4.50, got it at 60% off for only $1.80)
Fairies. No need to explain. Oh, and I love the pallette :) I don't think I have a kit in this dark blue and aqua shades yet.

My total was $3.40 for all 3 kits from Berry Sweet Scraps.

There was a blog hop over at Scrappity-Doo-Dah and I was there for that, but a small sign distracted me. Magical Reality was on a closing sale with all products at 40% (coupon was provided). Here's a little secret.  Magical Reality was the first designer I whose designs I fell in love with. Even before I got into digital scrapbooking. When I did get into digital scrapbooking, her kits are a little expensive so I never really thought I will be buying any. But at 40% off...

Magic Rainbow by Magical Reality Designs ($1.99)
Toe-tally Faerie by Magical Reality Designs ($7.98)
Bedtime Story by Magical Reality Designs ($6.50)
Total is $16.47 but with the 40% off coupon, I only paid $9.88.

So that concludes my iNSD shopping. Final tally, 15 kits worth $79.58... I only paid $20.77 (overshooting my budget of $20 by $0.77). To make myself feel even better, I decided to check the prices of the kits today and most of them are already back to their original prices.

Coming soon: iNSD Part 4 - Prizes!

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