Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday with Kelley and Diane

I've met a lot of friends through blogging, and I admit that this is one of the things that keep me going in spite of periods of creative slump. And last Sunday, I finally met Kelley of Kelley Highway and Diane of Diane Writes.

With Kelley and Diane
This is the first time I met up with fellow bloggers. We have been sending emails and commenting on each other's blogs for almost a year now and have mentioned meeting up in the past but never really got to. And now that we did, you know what? These ladies are as nice and friendly in person as they are in their blogs! Thanks to Kelley, we never really ran out of things to discuss and it was interesting to get to know them better. And too soon, it was time to say good-bye.

They prepared gifts:

I love Kelley's creative packaging, and I love the words of wisdom on Diane's shopping bag.

And inside the box, a flower pin made from upcycled plastic foil wrap. So pretty!
Kelley also gave us some of her home-made coconut cake, but errr... it never made it long enough to have its photo taken. It was delicious Kelley!

I didn't bring them anything :( I haven't really made anything for the past few months, but I'll make it up to you guys next time :)

When I got home, a little someone found the items in my bag and immediately staked her claim on the flower:

Conversation excerpt from real life.
I took the bag Diane gave and hid it in the closet before she found it and laid claim to it too. She had that flower in her hands all night inspite of my warnings that she might prick her hands on the pin (she didn't). She only let go when it was time for bed (and I hid it and was only able to take it out this morning to take the photo... hence the late post :)

Meeting new friends is always so much fun and I hope we get to do it again soon. And I hope to meet my other blog friends soon too!


Kelley said...

Oh! Andrea's adorable! And I love this post about our blogdezvous at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Monday/Tuesday I posted Sunday morning's American Cemetery event, and Monday's US holiday. Then Wednesday's post will be my 31st wedding anniversary. So look for both Diane's and your beautiful faces Thursday!

Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

What fun! I, too, have found delight in all of the people I've met while blogging. I hope one day I can meet them & enjoy a day as you women have.

Thank you for sharing your friendship here :) It's just lovely to see it!


Diane Writes said...

Uy ngayon ko lang nakita 'to :D Ang cute ni Andrea, kahit nang-iinis cute pa din. Sana ganun din ako hahaha

I was equally happy when I met both of you. Yun lang medyo epic fail ang social skills ko. As Kelley said, d ko na-attain ang 30,000 words. Wish ko lang... sana maulit muli :D

Thanks for organizing this wonderful meet up.