Monday, May 14, 2012

iNSD Part 5: More Prizes!! (Who would've thought???)

I thought my iNSD posts ended with my last post here. I was so ready to move on and wait another year for the next iNSD. However, I just got my best surprise last weekend when I logged in. Apparently, I won a couple more prizes from some games I joined over at Berry Sweet Scraps!!! :) The store owners, Lynne and Charly, each hosted a game where you get a chance to win their entire store. The game is to suggest a color palette and a theme for their next kit.

Here's the thing... I'm not much into CU items, because I'm not a designer and I'm a looooong way from being one, but I like the kits. I already bought my favorite kit from Baby Cakes Scraps (Lynne's store), Fairy Grace. And I am part of Charly's CT (Sunny Day Scraps), so I already have access to her kits (just the PU ones). But how cool is that that maybe... just maybe, there was a chance to get a kit based on a theme I want, right? So I joined anyway.

I didn't win Lynne's contest... but just for participating, I can choose any 4 items from her store!! I already said I bought my favorite kit from her store, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything I like. I spent all of yesterday afternoon poring over Baby Cakes Scraps store and picked these 4:

Evangeline by Baby Cakes Scraps
Forever More by Baby Cakes Scraps
I wanted a few kits in darker colors, because I already have TON of kits in pinks and pastels.

Goodnight Moon by Baby Cakes Scraps
I am a sucker for baby kits, what can I say? And my daughter loves the book, Goodnight Moon. I must have 3 or 4 kits called Goodnight Moon from several designers bookmarked or on my wish list :)

The last choice was tough because there were still around 3 kits I wanted, but I finally picked this:

It's a kiddie-kit... monsoon season just started in my country (LOTS of rain!)... and I don't have a lot of kits in this color scheme.

And now for the best part... my palette and theme got picked by Sunny Day Scraps!! Which means I won Sunny Day Scraps whole store!! (Or at least those kits/packs I want to get with the coupon she gave me).


Off to go shopping now :)

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