Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ang Gumamela

(English translation: The Hibiscus)

Elements used: Sun Sun Sun kit by butterflyDsign
After seeing Andrea in almost all of my layouts.. you might be wondering why I am scrapping a flower now. For the love of challenges. This is my entry to Digidesignresort's Photo Challenge for May.

The challenge is to scrap a photo which we think will look good as a painting and I immediately thought of this photo because this is one of the photos I chose for my defunct photobook project.

Here is the original photo.

And here is my edited version, using Photoshop filters.

There we go... as I mentioned, there are 6 challenges to complete at Digidesignresort to get the Magic Breath kit.
  • Scraplift Challenge - Done: Dres-Up Time
  • Photo Challenge - Done: Ang Gumamela (this post)
  • Word Art Challenge
  •  Theme Challenge
  • Color Challenge
  • Template Challenge

4 more to go :)

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