Monday, June 22, 2009

Tales of the Bored - EPILOGUE (I hope!)

June 22, 2009 (Monday)

I hope it's not to early for an epilogue but...

...I'M FREE!!!

I'm free! I'm free! I'M FREE!!! :D

I was supposed to write a couple more entries for June 18 and 19 but whatever it was I wanted to write about sure pales in comparison to the news I received last Saturday.

I'm free!!!

Ok, so maybe my regular OB was out that day and it was only her reliever that saw me to interpret my test results... and you know, maybe I took a liiiiiiittle advantage of that. But point is, I have a doctor's go ahead to go back to work. And back to work I am.

I had an ultrasound last weekend which showed what my OB suspected all along that was causing my bleeding. Thing is, there is nothing we can do about it except continue my medication and wait for baby, the uterus and the placenta to move upwards a bit more. According to the reliever OB that I saw last weekend, as long as I avoid anything strenuous, I should be fine. And if bleeding recurs, I am going back to bed rest. I can handle that and would do it willingly... as long as I get a few days of freedom. A few days away from my house is all I ask.

I was almost dancing with happiness while I was walking away from my house this morning on my way to work.

So did I achieve my quest to become the most boring person within my zip code in less than 32 days? I really don't know, but I sure felt like it.


xingkit said...

happy to hear about your pregnancy and at the same time sorry that you're having a rather difficult time. just take it easy at magpahatid at sundo ka na kay MG! :)

take care, janellie!

Janelle said...

thanks Hazel! Yung sundo, kailangan talaga sunduin nya ko!! Yung hatid... feeling ko male-late ako araw-araw if hihintayin ko sya ihatid ako e, haha! :D