Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tales of the Bored - Day 11

The Quest to become the most boring person within my zip code… in 32 days or less!

June 9, 2009 (Tuesday)

And God said, “Love thy neighbor…” (I wonder... does that mean "neighbor" meaning I just pick one... or should it be "neighbors"???)

So neighbors, I really wish you won’t make it so hard for others to love you.

I’ve been having neighbor problems. My husband and I have been trying to ignore them to keep the peace but these days, it’s enough test on my patience without having to deal with inconsiderate people.

One of my neighbors has 2 maids who consider the grass area in front of my house their personal garbage area. Every Wednesday and Saturday, they see fit to leave their garbage in front of our property while waiting for the garbage trucks in spite of several requests not to do so. Kids from a nearby slum area go through the garbage left outside before the garbage trucks can get them, scattering pieces of trash in the area in the process. I don’t understand why those 2 can’t just leave their garbage in front of their house. They probably want to keep their area clean… leaving us to take care of their scattered trash. My husband and I have actually caught them in the act of emptying their dust pans in our grass area after sweeping the front of their house. One time, my husband made them come out and clean our area after they dumped their dirt there. They actually did… but when we requested to speak to the owner of the house, they kept telling us it’s just them at home. I’m not sure if they were lying but at the time, we let it go at that.

And then, there is other neighbor who decided to make house repairs at 11:30PM last Saturday night. The sounds of a hammer hitting metal and wood can be heard well into the night. I’m not sure if we were the only ones who couldn’t sleep due to the noise but I think no one complained because he didn’t stop.

And then this morning… (take deep breaths, Janelle…) I woke up to the sound of, again... someone who seemed to be making repairs on his gate. The sound woke me because initially I thought it was someone trying to open my gate. Listening more closely, I figured it wasn’t coming from my house but from somewhere nearer than the one making the noise on Saturday night. The noise was louder this time. Oh… did I forget to mention that it was 4:30 in the morning? I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. I kept hearing the sound until around 5:30 when sounds of other people waking and going about their business, passing cars, and pouring rain began to drown out the annoying hammering sound of metal on metal. I got up at 6:30 and found my housekeeper cleaning downstairs. I asked her if she heard the sound and she said yes. I was right that it sounds close to our house because she also thought someone was trying to force open our gate so she went out to look.

I told my husband that I plan to go out tomorrow morning at 3:00 AM and start hitting our metal gate with a hammer loudly. He was worried about the gate’s paint chipping.

The rest of my day was a bit more peaceful. Mostly, I pondered on the question of why was it so difficult to find pandesal in my area. By pandesal, I mean those sold on neighborhood bakeries per piece and packed in brown paper. I can get pandesal de pugon and those “special” pandesals from bigger and more commercial bakeries nearby but those are not the ones I want. I want the small pandesals you buy per piece and wrapped in brown paper!!! Why are they so out of my reach??? Maybe I can get my mom to buy some for me and have them sent to my house… but the cab fare of the person bringing it to me will probably cost 10x more than the cost of my pandesal.

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