Thursday, July 9, 2009

Motherhood 101: Our first baby-related purchase!

Finally! Something about this whole thing I can absolutely relate to... shopping! :)

So far, I haven't really been feeling anything about this whole baby thing. Everything about this pregnancy has been about discomfort, pain and hospitals. I guess that's why I never talk about it much. Until now, the baby is still like an abstract entity... I know it's coming, I feel it moving... but you don't really feel it.

The past few months, I've been prey to sales people in the baby section of almost every mall I've visited. I must've seen every product catalogue and demo there is for all major baby products. The fact that I tell them am not planning on buying anything yet doesn't seem to deter them. Last night was no different. They seem to know the moment my eyes wandered towards the cribs and strollers area because suddenly, there they were. But last night, I actually saw something I really, really liked. I never really thought we'd get it because it was not within the price range I set for myself for this particular equipment but I asked to see the demo anyway.
  • Stroller comes with carrier/car seat, check
  • Neutral color, check
  • Classy, check (of course this is important to me! I'd be the one pushing it)
  • Reputable brand, check (shallow I know, but first baby so let me be)
  • Lightweight, check (again, I get the feeling I'd be the one pushing and carrying it)
  • Removable front tray, check
  • Within my price range... not really... but...
  • Carrier also functions as a rocker (like Helaena's), a plus!
  • Wheels has suspension for bumpy surfaces, another plus!
Pretty huh? :)

So in spite of people telling us it's still too early to buy baby stuff, we went home with a stroller and a carrier anyway... and with a more concrete sense of reality of our baby that is about to arrive in a few months (since there is now something in the house that actually belongs to him/her). And with me on a shopping high! I guess my husband was feeling more excited too since he was sending me links on playards all morning. We both agreed (I think... I told him I like this one and I don't really remember what he said afterward...) to get this one:
We haven't seen it in any mall around here yet but I hope my dad agrees to lug it back here when he gets back from his trip (I really, really hope he says yes!).


El said...

Was is it easy folding the stroller? I remember a friend of mine wasn't able to do it so a stranger walking by had to help her

Janelle said...

Hmmm... there's a button sa handle that you press to make it fold. I haven't tried it yet pero mukhang MG was having no trouble with it.