Monday, June 15, 2009

Tales of the Bored - Day 13

The quest to become the most boring person within my zipcode... in 32 days or less!

June 11, 2009 (Thursday)

When you want something done right... you really should do it yourself.

So going against doctor's orders... I had my husband swing by the supermarket before dropping me off at my mom's. I don't think a few minutes of walking to get stuff I really want will hurt me that much.

It all started with Pringles last Monday. I was craving for Pringles so I sent my housekeeper to the nearby grocery to get me one. Unfortunately... she didn't know what it was. So before she left, I described Pringles to her, and I never realized Pringles was that complicated. See... there are now 2 variations: the original one (you know, the kind we all grew up with) and this new variety from Asia that comes in slimmer canisters. I prefer the original ones since I don't like the spices they use for the ones that come in slimmer canisters. I told her both are usually available at the grocery store but I wanted the one in the "fatter" canisters. When she came back, she got me the one that was packed in plastic foil (the single serving ones)... not the one in the canisters. Ok... small thing, but I wanted the ones in canisterst to avoid sending her out everytime I felt like munching on Pringles. But well... it wasn't her fault.

Then yesterday, I mentioned my wishlist. My husband was supposed to get me Baked Ziti with Tomato Sauce (half serving) but he decided he wanted some as well and since he liked meat sauce, he ordered a whole serving with meat sauce. I didn't want meat sauce... I wanted tomato sauce! In fact, I have never wanted meat sauce ever!! So there went what would have otherwise been a nice dinner for me. I was so frustrated I actually cried as I screamed silently into my pillow so no one would hear. I didn't want my husband to know since he already took the time to go out of his way to get it for me.

And then this morning... I woke up cranky. I was supposed to stay at home all day but I was craving Ruffles. Again I asked my housekeeper to get meRuffles at the nearby grocery. I already pointed this out to her twice when I was able to go to the grocery with her but she told me she doesn't remember. Though I was near tears with frustration, I never showed it because it's not anyone's fault around me... what was happening to me. I told her never mind, went back upstairs and got ready to go out. When my husband woke up, I told him he is dropping me off at my mom's house and that I absolutely need to go to the grocery store before we go. He agreed.

So at the grocery store this morning, I bought everything... EVERYTHING I could possibly want for a week. It's so hard when you can't do things for yourself anymore.

While I was online earlier, I was chatting with a friend and I told her about my situation. She told me how she also had a difficult pregnancy, and that she actually gave birth before 7 months. Wow. I didn't know that was possible it actually gave me hope (not that I want to give birth prematurely, it just gave me hope that if I really will not be able to carry to term, that there is a chance my baby would survive...).

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