Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tales of the Bored - Day 12

The Quest to become the most boring person within my zip code… in 32 days or less!

June 10, 2009 (Wednesday)

No, I did not end up destroying my gate with a hammer this morning trying to get even.

But certain people are doing their best to get on my nerves though.

(enter neighbor’s maids…)

I buzzed my housekeeper early this morning to ask her to pick up the contents of our trash can upstairs. It’s Wednesday, trash day, so she has to make sure our garbage is outside before the garbage trucks arrive. After taking a bath, I went downstairs to get breakfast and my housekeeper told me that while she was sweeping outside, she saw one of the neighbor’s maids dump the contents of her dust pan in my grass area. In yesterday’s blog, I was merely explaining why I am beginning to really hate them. Well, today, she justified yesterday’s story. My housekeeper was in plain sight, cleaning that area when that stupid maid dumped their garbage on my property, and then immediately entered their house and closed the gate. My housekeeper waited outside until the other maid came out. My housekeeper asked her to tell the other maid not to dump their garbage at our house. This other maid said ok, then went inside. A few minutes later, both maids came out and confronted my housekeeper. My housekeeper asked them again not to dump garbage on our property. The guilty one just stared at her (dumbly, I’m guessing) and after a while said ok, and started cleaning my grass area where she dumped her garbage. She did good this time. What’s so annoying is that they keep doing it again and again! Next time it happens, I told my husband we are filing a complaint with the baranggay council.

Last night, it was announced on the news that there will be a 5-hour black out today, sometime between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, as Meralco needs to conduct repairs. They didn’t specify particular areas so I wasn’t sure if my area is included. I worried all day, waiting for the black out to start. I was hoping it will start early while it’s daylight. That I can live with. Turns out, I need not have worried. My area is not included in the list of affected areas.

I was feeling a little depressed this afternoon. And bad mood always follows depression. I was actually waiting for this because I knew this would happen. I’ve been doing a good job keeping my spirits up the past few days in spite of my exile. And today… I guess I just ran out of reasons to smile.

I gave my husband wish list this morning (mostly, related to my cross stitch project, since I can’t go to the mall to get them myself):

Janelle’s Wish List :)

DMC Threads: 754, 932, 3031
3 packets of glass beads (sample packets attached, make sure you get the exact colors)
Medication (doctor’s prescription attached)
Baked Ziti with Tomato Sauce (half) from Sbarro.

He arrived early this afternoon, around 3:00PM. Apparently, his office was affected by the black out so they were allowed to go home at 11:00 AM. He came from the mall to get me the stuff I asked for. When I heard he came from the mall… I felt a pang of jealousy. I WANTED TO GO TO THE MALL!!! I started to feel cranky.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t make the laptop connect to the internet using my husband’s phone. Crankier and crankier.

I am now sulking alone inside the bedroom.

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