Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tales of the Bored - Day 18

The quest to become the most boring person within my zip code... in 32 days or less!

June 16, 2009 (Tuesday)

I woke up early to go the hospital laboratory early. If the procedure is to last hours, I'd like it done as early as possible so I can eat already. I always wake up hungry.

I decided not to wake my husband to take me to the hospital. Due to our electric mishap yesterday, he has to take the day off from work to look for that circuit breaker and get an electrician to get it fixed. I left a note for him to take our housekeeper to my mom's house and ask her to take all the contents of our refrigerator so we can store them at my mom's until we get our electricity back on.

I arrived at the hospital before 8:00 AM and I was out by 12:00 NN. My left arm was sore. My first 2 shots were delivered by a med tech who couldn't find a vein on my right arm so he jabbed the needle twice in the same place to draw blood. Ouch! The last 2 were delivered by a different med tech and I deliberately offered her my right arm so we could give my left a break.

I was planning to have my husband drive me to a McDonald's before dropping me off at my mom's house when he picked me up. I miss fastfood!! I havenn't gone this long without fastfood since I was in high school I think. Unfortunately, when I called my husband after my lab test, he was driving around Ortigas looking for a hardware with the electrician. They've been looking for that darned circuit breaker all morning and couldn't find one in the big hardware stores. I had to take a cab and McDonald's is out.

Cabs... my personal kryptonite. I was hoping to go through this entire month without ever discussing cabs but I guess that was not to be. The cab I took took me to inner roads near San Francisco Del Monte "para iwas tayo sa traffic" (to avoid traffic). I was familiar with the area so I didn't mind at first but the inner roads were bumpy (which was making me nervouse because I felt a cramp after every hard bump) and I noticed we were going around in circles. I knew the general direction we were supposed to take to reach the main road but I noticed we were just turning and turning... probably to prolong the ride. I was hungry, my arm hurts, and the bumpy roads was making me cramp. I snapped. I told the driver to take the cab out to the main road now. I told him I was pregnant and bleeding that's why I was at the freakin hospital and that if I miscarry, I'll make sure he is found and shot! I was ready to grab his head and slam it to the window if he so much as makes a stupid remark. I was that worked up and he probably noticed it. He gave me a guilty look, quickly averted his gaze and just said "Ay...", made a turn and guess what? I was right, we were near the exit the main road for while... and there was no freaking traffic.

I'm not sure if it was the dehydration due to lack of liquid intake during the lab procedure, the strain on my body due to the stupid bumps on the inner roads that the stupid cab took, or the stress due to the stupid cab... but I was spotting again when I got to my mom's house.

My husband came for a me after a few hours after they were able to get the electricity up and running again on our house.

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nicquee said...

kinuha mo ba yung cab name at yung plate number? Ipahunting na natin!