Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tales of the Bored - Day 6

The Quest to become the most boring person within my zip code… in 32 days or less!

June 4, 2009 (Thursday)

Since I had nothing planned for today… oh wait, I’m not allowed to have anything planned for today, so let's leave that line of thought.

Anyway, I decided that today is a good time to start cleaning out the room I want my future baby to use. I don’t actually have to do any work. I can just tell my housekeeper what to do.

After MG left for work, I asked the housekeeper to help me upstairs. I asked her to take out all the contents of the closet in my baby’s future room and lay everything on the floor. When all the stuff was laid out on the floor, I had her check what was inside boxes but I wasn’t really in the mood and in the condition to really go through everything. I classified stuff as “big boxes”, “medium boxes” and “small boxes”. I’ll improve my sorting classification in the future when I’m feeling better.

We then moved on to the other room where all the stuff from baby’s room are going to go. It was important to fit everything inside the closet in this other room. Our guests use this room so I had to keep it in order in spite of the added junk I was about to add from the other room. It was much easier that I thought, since I didn’t have to do any lifting. Even with the hour it took for my housekeeper and I to break for lunch, we were done by early afternoon.

My baby’s room is now clean and ready! (Ok so the baby is not really going to stay there but I need somewhere to keep his/her stuff).

I spent part of the afternoon sorting through some papers from my first job that I found in the closet. I plan to use them as scratch paper and I have a decent-sized pile after I finished, as well as old folders that the papers came in that are unmarked (recycling is in! Let's all go green!) I set them aside to bring to the office on Monday. I then spent the rest of the afternoon cross stitching *groan*. I know, I know… life can get really exciting sometimes huh? It’s one of the things I can do while in bed!

As I was waiting to fall asleep this evening, I turned on the TV. It is a bit late and way past my normal bedtime, but The Other Boleyn Girl was showing. I have always wanted to see that movie but never had the time to so I decided to watch. There was this part when Mary Boleyn started bleeding while she was carrying the king’s illegitimate baby. Those attending to her told her parents that she has to start lying in. So that’s what they called this during their day, lying in. Well, I hope I won’t have to be lying in for long.

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