Monday, June 8, 2009

Tales of the Bored - Day 1

The Quest to become the most boring person within my zip code… in 32 days or less!

I initially wanted to call this “Becoming the most boring person in the WORLD!” or something like that but I know exaggerating a bit. I’m sure there are other people out there more boring than I am (I hope!).

May 30, 2009 (Saturday)

The day started out like most of my Saturdays. I woke up, reminded my housekeeper to take out the trash, had breakfast, drank my milk, took my vitamins and crashed into the couch to watch cartoons while waiting for MG to wake up. As I was lying there, several things were going through my head: My hair is long overdue for a trim and I really should get my hair blow dried at the salon for the wedding this afternoon; I wonder if I have enough time to get a manicure and pedicure as well?; Reminder to self, greet El today. Plans, plans, plans. Little did I know that none of these were to happen because my life was about to change in just a few minutes.

In the middle of sitcom reruns on Star World, I went to the bathroom and that was when I found out.

I rushed upstairs, woke my husband and told him. Always the… um… calm person that he is, he took this book we had been reading (What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff), opened it to the page that says that bleeding is normal for some people during their second and third trimesters, and handed it to me. He then got up and went about his morning routine and told me we were seeing my doctor in the afternoon (since her clinic hours start at 1:00PM). His calm reaction and the book’s rational explanation reassured me so I just decided to lie down with my feet up. However, panic began to well up as I lay there alone with my thoughts. I have been feeling pain, like pre-menstrual cramps, the past few days including that morning. So I did what I usually do when I’m having anxiety attacks… I called my mom.

When she picked up, I asked her if she thinks bleeding is normal when you’re past your 4th month of pregnancy (of course, I believe that mommy knows everything!). All I wanted to hear was for her to say “Yes” so I can go back to enjoying my Saturday in peace. But she said “Of course not! Why?” in a tone that was slightly alarmed. Hearing her made me panic again and I told her what was happening. She scolded me for not going to the hospital immediately and told me that she’s meeting me at the emergency room in a few minutes.

So my husband and I got dressed and drove to the hospital where I spent a few hours alone in the Labor Room under observation, while my mom, my stepfather, and my husband waited outside. I was asked if I wanted to be admitted for further observation but by that time, the bleeding has stopped and I felt fine so I told them no. I was given medication, instructions to go on bed rest for a few days, and was asked to see my doctor again on Monday. With that, we left the hospital.

I wasn’t able to attend my friend’s wedding that afternoon. Sorry Chinx! :(


jo said...

Ok take care. You got me alarmed for quite a while there...whew

m-dramatique said...

um, when did you find out? how come it's not documented in your blog??

Janelle said...

Hmmm... I found out I was pregnant last February, but I didn't tell anyone until May when I started showing. I guess that's why I didn't blog about it.

I was trying to prove sana that you can live a normal life and still be yourself even when you're pregnant. People have a tendency to focus more on the pregnancy than on you once they find out and I didn't want that. I still want people to see me as me... and not just another obsessed mom-to-be. Because aside from the bulging belly that kicks, I don't really feel any profound changes within me (except for wanting to shop for small stuff every now and then).We will all have plenty of time to fawn over the baby when it comes but for now, I wanted to enjoy the last few months I have as being the center of my universe (hehe).

Pero syempre with what happened, I don't have much choice now but to feel very pregnant with every fibre of my being. You can't help it when you're stuck at home all day with nothing much to do.