Monday, October 8, 2012

Scrapping Fairy Tales Design Quest 2012 - Week 1

This October, I joined Scrapping Fairytales' Design Quest. This is my first design contest :) There was a design contest at theStudio last month, held at the same time as the Layout Artist Competition. But I wanted to do the Layout Artist Competition more and I know I will only have time to dedicate to one so I passed.

Anyway, for Week 1, we were given 3 color palettes to choose from. We are to create a mini-kit using our selected palette based on a fairy tale bad guy or scary guys in general. I was trying to decide whether to use The Frog Princess or Tangled as my theme. Andrea loves those 2 at the moment so we are always watching those at home.

Tangled won, and in the story, the bad guy is Mother Gothel, Rapunzel's witch "mother". Here is my kit:

Click image to download.
The challenge only called for 8 unique elements and I made more than 8 so I am giving you the extra elements I made as an add-on.

Click image to download.

If you make any layouts using my kit, I would love to see it! Enjoy :)


shawnyrvr said...

TYSVM Janelle for the extra embellies!!! I really like your kit. The name is so creative! ;-)

Lili dAix said...

Merci beaucoup pour tous ces jolis éléments