Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Take My Picture!

My daughter already had her birthday party at school weeks before her actual birthday. On the day of her actual 3rd birthday, I have to admit, I didn't really make any plans. My in-laws were visiting so I was thinking more of where we can take them, what they wanted to do for the day, etc. You see, my mother-in-law once lost a 3-year-old little girl (my husband's youngest sister) to illness a long time ago. My daughter and that aunt she never met share the same birthday, and I know that my mother-in-law celebrates her lost daughter's birthday every single year with a small party for the family.

That is, every year except this year. 

This year, they came to visit us and to celebrate Andrea's birthday instead. 

When I woke up that morning, I realized Andrea needed a cake with a candle. She loves blowing candles, and though she is rarely successful, she always has a lot of fun in the process. So I went to a nearby grocery and bought a small cake and a birthday banner. The only design available for the banner was Spongebob so that became my impromptu theme for that morning's birthday celebration. 

I made it back home before Andrea woke up. I took one of her Spongebob toys, washed it, plopped it in the cake along with the candle she used on her birthday party and ta-dah! We have a birthday cake :)

I love how the Spongebob toy looks like he's blowing the candle too :) And he might have done a better job at it than Andrea because after several tries, that candle was still lighted.

We need to practice blowing candles for next year's birthday.

We went to Resorts World for lunch to celebrate more. And what do you know, another candle!

I think it was more for ambience but I let Andrea blow it out anyway. She wasn't successful on this try either ;)

Her birthday lunch... none of which she ate by the way.

So I bought her popcorn... that she liked *rolls eyes*

After lunch, my mother-in-law asked us to stop by Luneta park because she hasn't been there in years. There is a big open area near Luneta park where people fly kites so we parked nearby, bought a kite, and Andrea had her first kite-flying experience.

And for the day's coup de grace...

Elements from Memory Keeper by Connie Prince, Wordart by Kawouette
There were some photography students in the area and of them was about to take a photo of Andrea while she was running. She saw the camera pointed at her, stopped, and started smiling and posing o_0 The other students saw her and started taking her photos as well.

We might have a career in show business... hmmm..

NOTE: Layout was made for Gingerscraps' Wordart Challenge for October 2012.


Kelley Highway said...

ADORE x 3,892! I CHOKED up x 18! All of this...

because little Miss Precious turned 3.

And the memories of a never-known auntie. God rest her little soul.

Much love to you, and happy birthday little Miss Big Girl A'!

Love from Missouri...

xingkit said...

hehe may future!

happy belated birthday andrea!

Diane Writes said...

First of all, belated happy birthday Andi! Ang galing nung instant DIY cake, i like it kaya!

And Resorts World, is it really nice there? I work in Manila pero I've never been there.

Lastly, natuwa ako dun sa last picture. Artistang artista ang Andi! haha Pero tomoo may future ang bata haha