Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scrapping Fairy Tales Design Quest - Week 2 FREEBIE

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In the Philippines, November 1 (All Saint's Day) is celebrated as a national holiday. On November 1, we make our annual pilgrimage to the cemeteries to visit our dearly departed. This is a very big holiday here, and for most people, wherever in the country/world they are, they make an effort to come home on November 1 for this annual visit. Though this should have been more appropriate for November 2 (All Soul's Day), we have always celebrated this tradition on November 1.

Since November 1 is approaching, I decided to use this as my theme for this week's challenge. My elements are inspired by our traditions to bring flowers, light candles, and offer prayers on this day. Though in my elements.. I don't have a candle. It was taking me too long to make one and I was so afraid of missing the deadline so I skipped it. 

Anyway, we were given 2 monotonous palettes to choose from. After picking our palette, we were supposed to add a color "pop". This is my palette:

I will have to admit that I must have gone through 4 or 5 palette changes until I managed to make enough elements for this challenge using this palette (so yeah, now I have a lot of extra elements in different colors, haha). I even went so far as to take out our dusty DSLR to take photos to make elements (some of which actually did end up in the kit, yey!!).

And here is my kit for this week:

I also received some feedback after the kit had been quality checked. I learned a lot from that feedback! I'm so glad I joined this challenge if only for that. For one, it was the first time I heard about "gamut" and after a little research, I now know what "gamut" is and how to correct "out of gamut" issues. YEY!! :D

Here is the link to the gallery where you can find my download link. You can also check out the contributions of the other challenge participants while you're there. 

Enjoy! :)

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