Monday, October 1, 2012

New Team and Last Minute Stuff

You know how real life gets in the way of you know... your life? Happening to me right now. Which almost caused me to miss out on my challenge deadlines!


So here's me, Sunday midnight... Almost October 1st but not quite... oh wait, I think it already is. In my part of the world at least. Uploading the layouts I managed to finish today because I refuse to not submit layouts for my favorite challenges. If this is not addiction, I don't know what is. Anyway, here are my last minute submissions for September:

Elements from Cute Love by Neia Arantes, Template by Rainy Dayz Designs

Elements from This is my Life mini kit by Inspired Designs

Elements from Place to Be mini kit by Keep in Touch Designs, Scraplifted from layout by Mamaape

Elements from The Sweetest Senses kit by A-liya

Elements from Simplicity kit by Elaine Therese, Scraplifted from layout by Jolanda
I missed around 5 challenges... Aaaaarrrggghhh... I feel like a failure. But based on my list, I think I completed 40 layouts this month for both challenges and CT work. So all good I guess. I wish I had more time to make more. 

Anyway, more last minute stuff... 

I found out last week that the latest we can hold my daughter's birthday party at her school before they break for October is next week. Another aaaaarrgghh!! I had no plans to throw her a party this year. All this is hubby's idea since this is Andrea's first year in school, this is the first time she will have classmates sing her a happy birthday song, etc, etc, etc. Daddy is really sweet to be thinking of all that for Andrea... but darn it, that leaves me with a week to plan and execute! Thank you to all the websites who offer downloadable printable everything! You guys are lifesavers! I will post more about this last minute party preps soon.

One more last piece of news I've been sitting on since last week. I joined another CT team... yey! :) I am now part of Wild Cherry Designs CT. See that new blinkie on my sidebar? I can't wait to start working on Cherry's kits. They sure are cute!

Ok so it's 12:30AM... I have work tomorrow and I need to put a certain little girl to sleep because she has school tomorrow. She refuses to sleep... why is she doing this to me? Why???

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Kelley Highway said...

Love, love your designs. You're going to be a VERY busy mama, aren't you this week?

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to our little sweetheart!