Friday, September 14, 2012

This Flower

The Lyrical Challenge over at Scrapping Fairytales for September is to scrap a layout using this song or parts of this song by Kasey Chambers as journalling.

This Flower

Well this flower is my soul
But it's not half of what I owe
I should give you every rose that I ever grew
But take this one here for a start
And you can keep it in your heart
I have everything I need because of you

Well if my life was long enough
to pack up everything I love
I would do just that and give it all to you
But it's impossible to pay
All the things that you gave away
So this flower I give will have to do

All the flowers growing wild
For ten thousand lonely miles
It's not near enough to give you what I should
So I will owe you for a while
Maybe longer than my time
I would give you all the world if I could

According to Lynette, the challenge's host, Kasey is a country singer from Australia.

Here is my layout for this challenge:

Elements from Romantic Spring collab kit from Digital Crea, Font is CK Legacy
 So I finished this layout late last night... like around 1AM. When I woke up this morning... I had a realization. I should have used a photo of my mom instead. It fits the lyrics more. LOL. With that in mind, I really need to scan my mom's photo albums soon *sigh*.

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Diane Writes said...

Wow, ganda ng lola ko hahaha Promise! One of your best photos I've ever seen