Wednesday, September 19, 2012

theStudio Layout Artist Competition 2012 - Week 3

Round 3!!! I made it to Round 3!!! :) Last week, the host requested us to vote for others other than ourselves, haha. Though it was a request and not really a rule, I tried to comply. And the last time I checked the status of the voting, it didn't look too encouraging for me. Imagine my surprise when I checked my email on Sunday and saw the notification that I made it to Round 3!!

I don't have any delusions of actually winning. There are still a lot of us in the competition and there are some really, really... and I do mean REALLY talented ladies there. Seeing the layouts they have been submitting, it makes me think that I will never be able to come up with a layout composition like that by myself. 

But being in this competition for 3 weeks already taught me a lot about being a good Creative Team member and how layouts are supposed to promote the kit as much as possible. And in this competition, since I know I'm being judged, I do try my best to showcase as much of the kit in one layout. This has helped me with my other CT work because I have been guilty of overly simple layouts in the past. I have layouts where I use too few elements and papers and though I may have achieved the look I wanted, it doesn't really do much to promote the kit. Lesson learned and applied :)

I have learned a lot from the other participants too. Particularly about clustering and the use of shadows. I still have a lot to learn about clustering (I think being an engineer is working against me in this... I am putting too much importance on symmetry!!) but I think my shadowing has improved.

Anyway, here is my layout for Week 3:

Elements from Indian Summer collaboration kit by Carin Grobe Designs and JanetB Designs
We were given the kit Indian Summer, by Carin Grobe Designs and JanetB Designs. The colors make it perfect for an autumn layout... but since I live in a country without an autumn season, I had to use some other photo that would go well with it. I chose this old family photo from my grandmother's album.

The other rules for this challenge had me stumped for a few days. We were supposed to use at least 4 papers... and remember what I said about overly simple layouts? This is one of my weaknesses, using more than one paper. 

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to Week 4 :) You can check out the other layouts submitted for this week here so you will understand what I'm up against and why I need to keep my fingers crossed. 

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