Friday, September 7, 2012

Exciting news! ...For me actually, and SALE announcements for you :)

Ehem... Notice something new on my right panel? What??? No? Aaaawww :( There's something new blinkety-blinking over there to announce that...

I am now a Sparrow over at Scrappity-Doo-Dah :)

I thought long and hard about applying to the store's CT call last month... I really, REALLY wanted to, but I was thinking about my schedule and the amount of available time I have. And then I realized, what was I stressing about? I am at Scrappity-Doo-Dah a lot anyway. I have actually been violating my No-Internet-on-Weekend-Rule for a few months now because I always need to peek at the forums and galleries and store just to see what's new. So who needs more rules anyway? I applied. And I was literally bouncing on my seat when I got accepted.

This is the first time I will CT for a store and I don't really know how different it will be from my usual CT work but I am SO excited to start! I'm still waiting for my assignment.

So while waiting, I decided to browse the store and I saw that they have some new designers opening their stores there this September... and they have opening sales :) Let me share the results of my window-shopping/sale-hunting:


I was checking lisetescrap's designs and I think I'm loving dark colors lately. Here are some of my favorites from her store:

You can also check out Lisete's blog. She posts free mini kits from of her new kits.


Here are some of my favorite kits from Angels Designs store:


I'm still on a dark-colors mood, and I love these kits from Kaymee Designs:

I'm loving that typewriter element!

I saw this cute boy kit over at Carole's Creations:


Aaarrggh... wait, I have to do errands. Will be back with more of my online shopping adventures later!

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