Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Old Fashioned Swimsuit

Here is another layout using an old photo of my grandmother:

Elements from: Ma Bretagne - Clusters by Mariscrap, Ma Bretagne - Stacked Papers by Tigroune and Mariscrap, Ma Bretagne - Masks by Mariscrap
When I first saw this photo, I told my mom how so unlike my conservative grandmother to wear a skimpy dress. And then my mom told me this was not a dress but a swimsuit. I'm actually seeing this trend making a comeback, with swimsuits that look like mini-dresses (i.e. with skirts) being sold at the malls.

I used derivatives of Mariscrap's Ma Bretagne kit for this layout. You can now get the kit Ma Bretagne and it's derivatives from the following stores:

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Diane Writes said...

Natawa ako nung sinabi mong swimsuit haha Pero pretty si grandma ha