Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot Hot HOT Potato!

I participated in a challenge over at Scrapping Fairy Tales last month called Hot Potato. We each provided a photo that we want another scrapper to create a layout for. We then grab the photo posted by the person who posted before us and use it for a layout. 

The photo I took was from LLPooh1 and here is the layout I made for her:

Elements from: Splashtastic Summer by Sunny Day Scraps, Summer Day by Sunny Day Scraps Backyard Barbecue by Sunny Day Scraps, Banner by Studio Flergs, Blue Felt Alpha by Mad Genius Designs
And here is the layout created for my krystlbear made for me using my photo:

Link to SF gallery.
I love this challenge and it was the first time I made a layout for someone else, thinking about what they would like, the story behind the photo. And it was also fun to see someone else's take on the photo I provided.

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