Wednesday, September 12, 2012

theStudio Layout Artist Competition 2012 - Week 2

I made it to Round 2!!! There were a LOT of really great layouts for Round 1 and it was so hard to NOT keep refreshing the voting page to see if I was about to get eliminated. LOL. I had to leave the forum and not think about the voting until Saturday night my time when I knew the results would be announced. And come Saturday night, I was out of time with my family and the wifi at the hotel we were staying at was super super slow! Aaarrggghhh!!! I was able to check Sunday and I wanted to dance all the way to Manila when I found out.

Anyway, for Week 2, the challenge is to create a layout using one of Aimee Harrison's templates from her Vol 1: Opposites Attract template pack and a kit submitted for the Next Designer Contest.

Here is my entry for Week 2:

Elements from: Under the Moon kit by Keep in Touch Designs

For this layout, I used the kit designed by Keep in Touch Designs for Week 1 of the designer competition, Under the Moon.

And am I so glad my husband loves taking photos of Andrea when she's asleep, looking so peaceful and angelic... when in truth she is rarely peaceful and angelic these days. The "Terrible 2's" concept is so true and it's hitting our household full force. I wonder how other mom's manage to have more than one kid and survive with their sanity intact. I swear, I am just so tired and I feel like screaming myself most time times. 

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to Week 3 :)

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