Thursday, June 21, 2012

News and new freebies!

So I've been stalking CT call threads at forums lately. I still have a full-time job though, so I usually only go for One-kit Calls. But the truth is, I'm always hoping, and hoping and hoping, that one of my favorite designers will post a CT call so that I can have a chance to apply. 

And what do you know, a few days ago, one of them did! *insert big smile here*

Notice the new blinkie on my sidebar? I am now part of Mariscrap's Creative Team. YEY! I actually made a couple of layouts for her a month ago for her Boston kit when I saw her One-kit Call at a forum. I can't wait to start working on her other kits! 

On to other news... 

Recently, I'm into text paths. Feli Designs' Wordart/Quote Challenge over at Digidesignresort this June really got to me.  I've checked a few tutorials online on how to make one and have been practicing. But so far, I've only done simple curve paths. I still need a LOT of practice before I can make more complex paths. 

I'm also trying my hand at making my own elements using Photoshop. I still can't draw, but I can make simple elements using default shapes, and then "Liquifying" or "Warping" them to get them to look the shape I want. And in line with my drawing attempts, I have a new freebie for you!

And since my Facebook fan freebie is getting a little old, I decided to make a new one. I prepared a layered .psd template for my Facebook fans.

Enjoy! :)


Mariscrap said...

Welcome on board...I'm really happy that you so much love my design.

Your freebie is awesome...thank you so much for sharing!!!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

congratulations! and what a cute freebie!