Monday, June 11, 2012

The Secret Stash

  • 1 Tangled (yes, I mean the animated movie from Disney) bracelet
  • 1 small plastic medicine case
  • several small hair clips
  • 1 pair of pink child-size chopsticks
  •  2 costume jewelry rings (mine!)
  • several pieces of Barbie's shoes
  • several small toys
  • etc...

No, we didn't have a thief in the house.

I have a toddler. And she likes "hiding" stuff.

Elements from: Cutie mini kit by ScrapAngie; Template from: Aimee Harrison
Caught in the act! According to Andrea, the hole in the speaker is Kelly's (her doll's name) house.


At my mom's house where she and my toddler niece hang out the whole day, they opened one of the speakers and found a LOT of small toys inserted through the hole... including a half-eaten hotdog... eeeewwww!!! 

This photo was taken a year ago and we have discovered several of her secret stashes in the months that followed. I suspect she has a couple of new ones in her room and in mine, but I have yet to discover them *sigh*


Diane Writes said...

Hi Janelle! Grabe ang tawa ko sa post na 'to. Magaling Magaling na bata! ahahahahaha At d pa nakuntento ha, iniwanan pa ng hotdog si Kelly para hindi magutom

Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

Ha ha ha ha! Oh, the imagination of children - It's a wonderful thing :)

Lots of joy!

Kelley said...

Hysterical laughter! Precious memories...

xingkit said...

Hahaha I've been missing a lot of Maia's toys, too. Crayons as well. I haven't tried looking at speakers. Will do so as soon as I get home! Thanks for the tip. ;-)

Pewter7 said...

What fun!