Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Challenge

All this talk of summer is making me miss summer already! Aaargh!

"Dear Janelle... think about the heat. You don't miss the heat right?"

Right. Ok, me good.

Here is another summer-themed layout... and don't even expect this to be the last just yet!

Elements from Nautical Days Add-on kit by Dana's Footprint Digital Designs.
I made this layout for Scrappity-Doo-Dah's Birdcage Challenge for June 1-15. The challenge was to make a layout using all the elements in the provided mini-kit. This is the mini-kit they gave us:

Well, I'm a girly-girl type of gal and anything that is not girly-girl is out of my comfort zone (think steampunk, and well... nautical). It took a while for me to pick a photo, and took even longer for me to work my way through the layout. It was like working on a puzzle.. add element here... does it "fit"? No? Ok, let's move it here. Better? Ok, you stay there element. Now how about this next element here... repeat 100x. 

Yep, like that. No concept in mind when I started. I just needed a place to stick all elements as required by the challenge.

Now the photos. Those were taken during our company's summer outing last May. I wasn't supposed to go. I didn't have anyone to go with because my one and only team mate in our current team of 2, was on maternity leave. But the other team I work with and who sit behind us volunteered to "adopt" me during the outing so I went with them. Our summer outing theme was "Summer Challenge"... yep, there were games. And guess what... my team won first prize. YEY!! But I digress. I only had a few photos from this trip and most of them were on the beach during the challenges where I had to wear the department shirt (color: mustard yellow), and my team bandana (color: hot pink), and we were all sweltering under the hot summer sun. It was definitely a challenge... a challenge to look graceful for photos. 

I finished the layout using one of my less-than-graceful photos during the kayak race and uploaded it to the gallery. It wasn't even there for an hour, during which I was mulling over deleting it from the gallery and submitting something else using Andrea's beach photos instead when I got a message on my inbox saying my layout (yep, the one with my less-than-graceful photo) made Layout of the Day (for June 6) on Scrappity-Doo-Dah.

Uh... Um... Ok... YEY!! (???)

No really, YEY!! I was so happy about it... but I still wish I can erase that blended photo of me on the kayak. Believe it or not, that was actually one of the best shots I had during the race where I didn't look like I was dying ;)

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Jenn Ji Hyun said...

What do you mean not OK? Candid shots are the best hahaha! No, seriously, I know what you mean about the not-so-graceful photos. But honestly, it looked good "watermarked" and your photo of Caylabne background was great!