Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer!! Summer???

I took a short break from work to clear my head and attend to small things (like the parent's orientation for Andrea's school which starts next week!!) for me and for our house. I filed the leave from work because I wanted to go out of town but I was not duly informed that summer was apparently over in my part of the world and a typhoon was scheduled to hit us last weekend (it "swerved"... but it was raining and grey all weekend anyway).

Welcome monsoon season!

Monday was my last vacation day and I didn't really have any plans. I stayed home anyway and decided to check some of the other forums I frequent. I was confused for a while to see so many people talking about summer. And then I remembered that it is summer in other parts of the world... north of the equator I think. I'm on the equator, and though summer is officially over for us, we get summer-like weather most of the time still. Like, after every typhoon.

Anyway, last month, I was participated in several challenges in Digidesignresort to get this kit:

And I was able to get it last Monday. Yey!!
This month, this is the kit they are giving away for participating in the 6 Cocktail Hour Challenges:

Welcome back mojo! Since I didn't have anything else to do that day, I decided to jump in on the challenges. To get this kit, I need to complete these challenges:
  • Sunrise Theme
  • Coconut Reef Scraplift
  • Seabreeze Template
  • Monkey Puzzle Wordart
  • Sunset Color
  • Tourist Trap Photo
Let's start with the Sunrise Theme. The theme for this month is "Summer Dream". We were asked to scrap about our summer dream... whether it has already happened, or hasn't happened yet. This was easy for me:

Elements from: Ocean's Hopscotch kit by Kaklei Designs

White sand is optional. 

By the way, this photo was taken a looooong time ago :)


Diane Writes said...

Woot! Woot!Hiyesss for the sexy back :D Sana mas malapit ang shot hehehe

Kelley said...

You're feeling chipper. Good for you!