Monday, June 25, 2012

Bandana Skirt

After a long hiatus... yes, I was able to use my neglected sewing machine again. And I used it to make these:

I have this inspiration pinned on Pinterest for more than a year now. 

Hankerchief Skirt by Cami (tidbits)
Cami has a tutorial over at her blog so do check it out. I don't know why it took me so long to make it since it really is so easy to make. So easy that I decided to use the parts I cut off to embellish a top for Izzie (one of Andrea's dolly friends).

They like matching you know (see Matching Dresses).

I only had 3 bandanas of different designs, and they were a little small. Since I wanted Andrea's skirt a bit long so she can use it for a few years (wishful thinking here) I only divided my bandana into 2 equal triangular parts and Andrea's skirt is only made up of 6 panels. I folded each triangle into half, and cut off one side to give me the pentagon-shaped pieces like the one on Cami's photo here.

Since I only had a few pieces, I had to change how I sewed each piece together. Instead of layering them like this, I took 2 pieces, right sides facing together, wrong side out, and sewed parallel to one side of the pentagon. See diagram below.

I sewed along that side of the pentagon until all 6 pieces form a sort of circle. So I had something like a "circle" skirt. And then I sewed a black elastic for the waistband.

Happy campers (ignore the dirty feet... she was playing barefoot before I dragged her here for the photoshoot)

I still had a few small scrap pieces of the bandanas that I cut off when I made Izzie's dress and I made them into a little accessory to match the skirt. I will be sharing that project maybe tomorrow. Let me just say that only very few small pieces of those bandanas were thrown away.


Divya N said...

looks cool!! A single or double layer handkerchief skirt made from running material would have consumed lesser time.

Kelley said...

ADORABLE!! Andrea's cuter, though... sorry... She's a positive DOLL!

Cute x 18 skirts!

Donna said...

Love the skirt Janelle! Your little girl is adorable, I remember when mine were that small, enjoy the this time inyour life, they grow up so fast!
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