Friday, June 29, 2012

Tinkerbell Dress

Watch all the flowers,
Dance with the wind,
Listen to snowflakes, 
Whisper your name.
Feel all the wonder, 
Lifting your dreams,
You can fly!

- Fly to Your Heart (Tinkerbell OST) -

So remember that white dress post a few days ago where I said we went to the mall? I didn't mention there that Andrea got sick a few hours after we got home. She was fine until we got home, and I even gave her a bath before putting her to sleep. But when I checked on her before I went to bed, she was burning with fever. And I do mean burning.

So my husband and I had been taking turns staying at home to take care of her and my turn was last Tuesday. Her doctor gave her a ton of medicine which we had to make her take several times during the day. I think some of them makes her sleepy because she spent most of the day sleeping. Which gave me time to work on this:

Andrea and her Tinkerbell Dress

Ok, so Tinkerbell' actually wears a tube dress, but that wouldn't be too comfortable to play in. I used an old, faded pillow case to make the dress. So old in fact that the other piece of pillow case from the original pair was being used as a rag by our nanny. When she saw Andrea wearing it, she gave me a funny look and asked: "Is that our rag???" "Of course not! That's the other one... we have 2 pieces of that pillow case." And then I added some lace from Andrea's old dress that I took apart a year ago. Good thing the colors sort of match... I was too lazy to sew a zigzag edge on the dress.

She wore it immediately after I showed it to her, and we did her hair like Tinkerbell's and took photos. The healthy flush on her cheeks was actually the fever. I know she doesn't look it but she was running a 38.3 fever a few hours before this photo.

And just so you don't think life around our house is perfect:

Yep, this was our first photo shoot attempt. I guess she was sleepy because she crawled in bed after this scene and fell asleep immediately (yep, while wearing the dress... we live in a hot country). When she woke up, it was instant mood transformation. We fixed her hair again and she started giving me those smiles and poses in the previous 2 photos.

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Agy said...

She's so sweet! I want to give her a hug :-) Btw, the soapnuts aren't nuts. If I'm not mistaken, they are the outershell of the fruit.