Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little White Dress

I still have a few clothes pre-maternity (and when I saw pre-maternity, I mean way back in 2008) that I kept because they were relatively new when I got pregnant and I was planning to use them again. Some are back in circulation again, but some... um... let's just say I question my fashion choices back when I was... errr... younger :)

Here's one of them:

Nothing wrong with it really. And I think it might even look flattering if you are slim, which even pre-maternity I was not :) The puffed sleeves made my arms look bigger, and the white shapeless silhouette of this top made me look bigger, period.

Why have I kept it then? Because I like this detail at the bottom:

A few weeks ago, before Andrea started going to school, I took out this old top and decided to make a dress for her. 

I cut the blouse in half at the middle. The bottom part was used as the skirt, unaltered. The top part of the dress I fashioned from the upper half of the blouse. I used the neckline of the blouse for the neckline of the dress. Using the blouse this way meant there was only a little sewing involved (i.e. attaching the front and back of the top, attaching the top to the skirt, hemming the sleeves) and it only took me about an hour to finish. 

I finished this dress weeks ago. Only Andrea refused to take it off when I asked her to try it on, and then it got messy after a few minutes of playing that I was not able to take photos until last weekend when I asked her to wear it to go the mall.

She even picked the shoes to wear with it. Little girl has fashion sense, don't you think???

She saw the cardboard set-up for the movie Ice Age 4... she's a big fan of the squirrel from the Ice Age franchise.
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Diane Writes said...

Yun oh, may project makeover ka na ulit :D You were right with the details of the blouse. It was worth keeping. And when it found its way to Andrea, ang ganda!

I love Andrea's section picture, parang fashion blogger ang peg :D nakahawak pa sa skirt :D

Deepthi said...

Oh she surely has some fashion sense!! And my God!!! She looks soo cute!!! I love white too for my daughter...only problem is that, she spills something or the other on them every time!!

Agy said...

Oh, that is a cute transformation!

Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

What a fantastic idea you had! Turning your old shirts into dresses is super way to recycle AND get something new for your daughter. She is adorable, btw :)

I would be oh, so happy if you joined us at Tuesday Alchemy

Lots of joy!

Divya N said...

smart thinking - using the neck and hemline of the top

marion82 said...

this is adorable!!

Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Alchemy Challenges!!

you can visit
for my free digis!!

Eileen Ng said...

Your daughter is so adorable! What a great job you did upcycling the old shirt! :)

Thanks for sharing it with us at Tuesday Alchemy!