Thursday, March 8, 2012


Two posts in one day... I'm on a roll!

Or rather... I'm going through a self-imposed back log *sigh*

I find myself downloading and downloading kits (around 30GB worth of images already within 2 months... ack!) which I simply stash and do not really use. So to make the downloads worth my bandwidth, I decided that I will make one layout for every kit I download starting last week (um... blog trains count as only 1 kit, otherwise, I will never ever catch up with my back log).

Anyway... are you tired of my daughter yet? She's the only interesting photo subject I have around the house, you see. But for this one, I decided to give you all a break and use my niece as my model instead.

This kid is so easy to photograph! We were at the zoo and I told her I want to take a photo of her laughing while running and laughed and ran she did! And she's only 3! Andrea should hang out with her more.

And in case you stumble upon my blog and think I'm weird... lemme explain the summer part. While the rest of the world is heading full-swing into Spring... here in the Philippines, we only get 2 seasons: Summer and Monsoon. And our Summer starts around March, so for us, bring on the sweltering heat, baby! Summer is here!

This layout is part of Coolscrapsdigital's Scrap for a Freebie Challenge for March. All elements are from the Shades of Nature kit by Created by Jill.

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