Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dulces Suenos

Self-imposed backlog update: 19 kits downloaded and MUST be used.

I still have that $5 gift certificate at Coolscrapsdigital from winning their Cool Motto Challenge for February and I haven't picked a kit yet. And how can you say no to blog train freebies???

Anyway, one of the kits I downloaded for free a while back is Bel Scrap's Dulces Suenos kit (linked to download, and she has several free kits on her blog as well). I love Isabel's kits because there is always a touch of fantasy in them. Some of the elements in the kit are not high resolution though (72dpi), but since I will not print anyway... or even if I do, I probably will not print in 12x12, lower resolution elements can work for me.

"Dulces Suenos" means "Good night" "Sweet Dreams" (corrected on 3/29 after checking our Dora book at home) in Spanish I think. My daughter and I hear it all the time when we watch Dora the Explorer. Here is the layout I made with this kit:

I think I overdid the bubbles. I just love the bubble element a lot!

This is a photo of Andrea during Trick or Treat last 2010. Yes... you read that right. During. She just turned 1-year-old and will not really be eating any of the candy but I just wanted to dress her up in a costume and bring her to the Trick or Treat at the office. She missed her nap time so...

The little pirate, sleeping.

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